Can Magick help me get rid of Tax or Government problems?

Well.. Would magick finally help resolve my issues with dealings with like the IRS or such gov’ people who seem more to want to cause me finacial harm and emotional hardship. Can I use magick to just make them “go away” and leave me alone? Or at least see my point of view and agree with me, then leave me alone? I simply would like to enjoy life without having such problems in my life..So, would this work for me?

Good question! Don’t we all wish that the tax system would go away? However, the government is there for a reason and there is also a reasonably good explanation why the government needs a portion of your money as taxes. THE USA has one of the highest income tax rates.Combined with the sales tax, luxury tax, estate tax, and all other taxes, some people estimate that over lifetime, the USA takes away almost 80% of the money that its citizens earn. So if you earned a million over your lifetime, you probably had about 200,000 dollars to spend for yourself. This includes the rent, the cars, the insurances, the gas, etc. Now you know why saving is almost impossible in this country.Add to that the fancy gadgets and electronics that are used to entice us to the stores to buy on credit. Using credit is really a terrible way to live as people realize now. The government, however, does need some of our money to build roads, free hospitals (which are rare in US now), take care of the security of the cournty, armed forces, its yearly wars :) etc. What can we do to avoid these heavy taxes? Save as much as we can and use the tax shelters to remove as much of our income from the government’s hands. There are several tax shelters you can use – google it! Magickally, we can visualize more money coming into our life and your bank account getting bigger and the feeling of prosperity and joy increasing every day. Good luck spells, protection spells, prosperity & money spells and healing spells can be done to protect what we have, make more so that we can save more and reduce our spending every day. We can make a consious effort to buy less, do without all the fancy new gadgets, use cars, cellphones and TVs for many years and buy used things such as furniture, etc. Also, we can grow vegetables at home and cook at home instead of eating out all the time. There are so many ways to save money. Above all, save the money to give at tax time. Remember, IF YOU FAIL TO PREPARE, YOU PREPARE TO FAIL.. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings!

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