Can magick spells be cast through the internet?

Hello rose, i’ve been thinking about this something and i wish to know the truth. Can magic spells be casted on behalf of someone over the internet (Remotedly)? If it works, i’ll be pleased if you can give me a proof. Thank you.

Merry Meet Seeker, A very thoughtful question indeed. I can see that you are curious to know if the websites that cater to a large number of people searching for answers to love, health, money, etc are legitimate and effective. Well, you are on the right track. Many of these sites are created by people who just want to make some quick money. Magick is all in our heart and mind, so there is no real proof that these people actually help the ones that pay for their services. There are many people who are powerful enough to help others from a long distance. But this kind of power does’nt come easy. It usually takes many years and years of practice and meditation to be able to work long distance. Also, it is best if the people know each other and can visualize the actions on them. If two strangers sit at two ends of the internet network and try to cast a spell, there are a hundred reasons why this may not work. Most of the money spent on internet websites which promise to deliver the goods is just money gone down the drain. Unfortunately, when people are desperate, they are willing to try anything! That is the main reason why at this site, we always encourage you to do the spell yourself. Nothing is more effective that your eagerness, your intention and your visualization of the outcome. It is the power of your thoughts, your words and your imagination that will create the future you want. Why then, should we give it up along with our money to someone else who is probably taking you for a ride? Learn magick yourself and practice every day. Pretty soon, you will notice your thoughts evolving into reality. The more you connect your thoughts and action with your own future, the more successful you will be in carving exactly the beautiful life you wish for. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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