Can Magick spells change my gender?

How can I temporarily change my gender?

If you’re a girl, buy a strap on. If you’re a guy, tuck it back. You can not temporarily change your gender. Shapeshifting is not completely unheard of, but the stories are more likely to be about people astral projecting and becoming birds or dogs while on the astral plane. Your physical body doesn’t change. I am a writer, and when I write short stories, I often write in the first person but as a 33 year old man. (I have no idea why) that is a form of temporarily changing gender. If it’s a sexual thing, sex positive clubs have fantasy rooms where another person will pretend with you. Sex positive clubs are becoming more popular, as a safe sex place for people to meet. They are exclusive, you must go to several workshops before you decide to join, and they don’t take anyone who seems like they might be violent, although the other criteria are quite open.

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3 Responses to “Can Magick spells change my gender?”

  1. Anthony says:


    Can a one change bodies with another. Swap bodies… this is for all good intensions and to help another.

  2. scott says:

    can u ever switch bodies and minds with sombody

  3. Shane says:

    I know for sure that I want to and I have been thinking since I was 11 years old so will you tell me

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