Can men become pregnant?

Can men become pregnant?

Not really. The recent news about a man becoming pregnant was all about a woman who had used hormones to change her body and then later decided to become pregnant. Thankfully the “mother” and child are doing well at this time. This person had been a woman until her teenage years and then she decided that she wanted to become a male. Sometimes nature messes up and babies are born with both female and male organs. Females in addition to the organs have the uterus and ovaries. When this lady became a man, she took hormones so that she would grow hair, had surgery to remove her breasts and so on. However, she never removed her uterus and ovaries. Using male hormones, “He” had stopped the periods too. When He got married and found out that his wife couldn’t have babies, “He” decided to use the uterus to do artificial insemination donated sperm is injected into his uterus and fertilization takes place. Since “He” had a uterus, he was able to grow the baby to term. It is not possible to “grow” a baby in a man’s body. This is because there is no place for the baby to grow. The uterus or the “womb” exists only in females who are entrusted with creating, nurturing and raising the next generation, the most IMPORTANT job in the world. Hope this helps! Brightest Blessings.

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