Can my Magick be seen by others?

How can i get my enery manipulating to be seen by others?

Energy Manipulation is the ability to take energy from yourself, mother earth, or the space around you and concentrate it and directed that energy toward a specific working.

The first step to any working is grounding. This relaxes you and prepares your mind for the work ahead, but it also prevents burnout hangover feelings. Get into a comfortable position. Relax your body, start at the top of your head and work your way down, relaxing each part of your body. Anchor yourself to the ground. This allows excess energy to be released into mother earth. Feel the white light of divinity come into the top of your head, washing away negative aspects which are pushed down through your body and into mother earth. Once the white light has cleared away all the negative energy, stop the light from entering your body and release all of the excess into mother earth.

When you are grounded, feel the energy around you and in you. Cup your hands like you are holding a sphere in your hands. Pull the energy into your body and direct it down your arms and to your hands. The energy will move through your hands and into the sphere. Use your hands to keep the energy in the sphere. As the energy gets more concentrated, expand your hands and let the sphere grow. Your hands will feel different, tingling, cold, or even hot feelings. You will feel pressure in your palms as if you were holding a physical object in your hands. You can use these Spheres for workings that you are doing, or “store” them for later use.

Once you create the sphere, you must remember to ground again. This releases excess energy that has built up in your body and help your body to relax and get back to normal.

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