Can people under 15 do Witchcraft?

Can magick or witchcraft be for any one under the age of like 15?

Sure, if you study it. You need to go back and read, read, read. There are little rituals and spells that anyone can do, and many old nursery rhythms were just that–songs, like spells, that children sang to keep themselves safe. But if you’re serious, pick up “Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham and study the history of wicca and all of the different branches first.

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  1. marianna says:

    Hey! I was woundering how can I get more Better at my spells, and not spend alot of money to do so my mom and dad do not have a lot of money. you know money problems ,but I dont know how to make our lifes better I try so hard and my dad dose-not belive me when I say wicth spells can help and for some reason I feel I belong in wiccan, I fell happy.In our town”bonne terre” its never a happy life here I failed to protect my dad from being hurt. now he has no use in his arms anymore and my mom is going though surgerys to I dont even know how to protect myself from a bike reck I had and broke my arms and almost tore my leg off.But I will never give up on my spells I just wish I was better at them because spells is the only thing I think is keeping us on middle class. and my parents dont really understand that I like this type of thing But I think Maybee.. one day when I get Better and heal them… maybee.. just maybee..I can prove myself worthy of their faith in me. thank you for hearing my story when no one else will. a.k.a esther.

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