Can practicing Witchcraft cause harm?

Am I riskng harming those around me if I choose to,practice?

Witchcraft is commonly defined as the use of supposed magical powers to influence people and events. It is known as sorcery and has been part of the folklore for centuries. Since the mid-1900′s, Witchcraft has referred to a set of beliefs and practices that some people consider a religion. Its followers sometimes call it Wicca, the Craft. Many people, particularly conservative Christians, do not consider Witchcraft a religion as they understand the term.
Belief in witchcraft as sorcery exists around the world. Historically, people associate witchcraft with evil and usually have regarded a witch as someone who uses magic to harm others, by causing accidents, illnesses, bad luck, and even death. However, some societies believe that witches also use magic for good, performing such actions as casting spells for love, health, and wealth. People around the world continue to practice witchcraft as sorcery, claiming to use magic for good or harm.
Unlike those who practice witchcraft as sorcery, the followers of Wicca believe in practicing magic only for beneficial purposes, not to harm. They worship a deity with male and female aspects, but they emphasize the female, or Goddess, side of the deity.
This was the long way to your answer, but Wicca is used only to benefit others and Wiccas are not to use the abilities and skills to help others without their knowledge.

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