Can religious beliefs co-exist with Witchcraft?

Dear Rose, I am an Indian living in Malaysia(south east Asia). My religion is Hinduism where we pray to various Goddess but mostly on Shiva and the elephant God.My question is does involving in all these rituals,spell and visualization would cause a non-alignment on beliefs and truth.Will my spiritual growth be blocked due to short cut assessment that i have taken. I got interested when the first time I read ur writting in website and wanted to learn some techniques quoted by you since I too wanted to attract money and settle all my financial woes.Need your help. Pls reply and thanks alot.May GOD bless u in all the good things you’re sharing with people.You’re just a wonderful person.Bye

Merry Meet Indian friend, It is very good to hear from you. Thank you so much for your wonderful, sweet comments. I am glad to hear that you are learning witchcraft from my website. You have indeed asked a very valid question; one which may be on the mind of a lot of people who are interested in witchcraft. Witchcraft is the art and science of using Nature’s energy to create our future. Everything in nature exists as energy. People, animals, trees and rocks among other things have the same energy that flows through all of nature. Before any religions existed on Earth, there was the pagan religion, or witchcraft. So most religions that exist on Earth evolved from the pagan way of life. Since religions originated in different parts of the world, they called their deities (Goddesses and Gods) by different names. Hinduism is a cocktail mix of a lot of pagan religions including the worshippers of Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, KaLi, Ganesha and others. All of these Goddesses and Gods are part of our world, and of Nature. Whether they existed on Earth or not, they are also forms of Energy that we can attract to enable us to achieve our goals. When you do a spell in witchcraft, you can invite Divine Energies (called deities) to bless and attend your ritual to make it a sucess. This energy you invite is the same regardless of what you call it. Goddess, KaLi, Lekshmi, Brigid, Diana, Isis, Ishtar, etc are all made up on the same energy that runs through our bodies. And this poweful energy can be harnessed any time by inviting them to assist you. There is no non-alignment on beliefs and truth if you really understand the Truth that each cell in our body has Divine Intelligence. So you can do a spell or ritual and call upon the Divine Energies of any Goddess of God who somehow is familar to you in your life. Someone close to you, someone you pray to, call upon in times of sorrow and joy is the one you can invite if you wish to do a money spell, a love spell or a prosperity spell. Some Goddesses or Gods are called upon for various favors. Examples are Lekshmi for wealth, Saraswati for Knowledge and Goddess KaLi for eradication of Evil from our life. So relax and enjoy creating your exciting, successful, benevolent life! Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings.

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