Can spells be cast during the day?

I understand that most spells are cast in correspondance with the moon. Can spells be cast in the daytime? I am currently undergoing my year and a day, and i could not find anything on my question.

Hello there dear, Can spells be cast during the day? Well, for the most part that would depend on the specific spell that you were casting…. For many spells, it is not so much that they cannot be cast during the day ans that they would simply be more effective when cast at night. Of course, there are always certain exceptions to that rule – but those would have to be discussed on a case by case basis…. The time when the spells are most effective are generally tied to certain elements, such as the phase of the moon and what each given phase represents… or the day of the week and what powers said day is most often linked with… or even the alignment of the stars and which of the signs of the Zodiac are ascendant at the particular time…. This in no way means that the spell will not work at other time… but simply that the link between the spell and the power which shores it up will be somewhat diminished and thus the outcome or effect will likely be somewhat diminished as well…. So, in your case, if you are wishing to cast spells linked to the moon, but can only cast your magic during the day at the moment… I would simply endeavor to make sure that all of the other facets of the spell are as precise as you can get them…. Oh, and even though it is day, make certain that you are still casting during the proper moon phase… even if you cannot see her in the sky….

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  1. Latasha says:

    I’ve been reading your emails and doing everything you said i just cant seem to get this money spell to work. Its been over a month and nothing. do you have any suggestions.?

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