Can spells bring back a lost love?

hello there
my ex girlfriend left me about 8 months now and im still heart broken i still love her more than words can say, soon as she left me she got with someone else then got pregnant with his baby ive not been able to pick myself up ,ive seen a number of physics and some say we will reunite and some say no we wont i feel so down all the time and even prayed to god to end my life so i decided to get spells casted for me i also had a number of spells cast around 8 to bring hayley back to me even a binding spell but i have no results not even a phone call is ther any thing you  can do to help me my dob is 19/07/79 thanks marc my smail is [email protected]


I am so sorry for your pain and for the false hope that you have been given. Right now, magic is not the answer for you. Using a spell to bring back Hayley will not make things right for you.

First, Wicca should never be used to force people do something against their will. You can use a spell to open the possibilities, but the key to Wicca is free will and no matter how much you love her you cannot force Hayley to love you back. And, even if she does love you as well, you mentioned she is pregnant with another man’s child. She may have reasons, like the child, that are keeping ehr away. Manytimes we feel a drive to stay with the father of a child for the child’s sakeeven if we are unhappy about it…and she might not be unhappy.

The best thing you cna do is examine the reasons why you broke up and try to fix the things that were about you. Asking a trusted wiccanadviser to help you with self-improvement spells are the only way that Magic can and should help you.

Next, if the pain is so great over this breakup that you have asked God to end your life, you need to see a professional counselor…Wiccan or otherwise to help you deal with the grief.  breaking up a relationship is often like death and requires time to process and to heal. You need to find soemone who can help you heal first.

Then, when it comes from the heart and the love you feel for Hayley, not out of a desire to get back with her, send Hayley a note wishing her well with her journey into motherhood. Be the loving friend that she needs and if it is right for the two of you to end up together, you will.

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  1. karan says:

    my name is jai i m 28 yrs old but i look young, lol and i love my lover 23 Janki.
    i loved her a lot, done many things for her, at bad times i was always there with her, but after 1 yr when i came back she told me tat i can’t marry u, i too knew it was difficult becz of her dad. But after tat i tried many times to talk to her but she refused i tried my level best. I said at least i can talk to u as a human but she newer responded and newer calledme. I just want tat atleast she can call me. I prayed to god for her too but she newer responded. 1 yr after breakup still no response and i lover her madly at least she can talk to me, i don’t say every day but at least in a year 4-5 times. But she newer looked back. WAT TO do itried my best to convince her instedad she said bad words to me and said not to come into her life. The girl which i loved now avoids me and dosent even like to see my face. Help me is there any speell which might help me.


  2. DIANA says:

    i broke with my girlfriend about a year ago. She put a restraining order against me.. Now she is dating and has a new boyfriend. I still love her. Is there any way we can reunite?

  3. rick says:

    i lived with my girlfriend about six months i gave the best that i had on me but she wasent what i spected she said she was pregnat and it was lie she was dating another person i really loved her is there any spell for to see that what she did to me was wrong i dont want her to get back with me i just wnat her to see that she did wrong i wished she said sorry for all the things she did to me

  4. elina says:

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  5. Jarrett Cochren says:

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