Can spells help my son get off drugs?

“My son has a drug problem am affraid something is going to happen to him. If I get his permission do you know of any spells I can do to help him off the drugs.”

If your son gives you permission to cast spells on his behalf, you should first examine a good purification spell and then a good strength spell for him. The idea here is purify his spirit and by doing so help take away the spiritual craving for the drugs and then to help give him strength to combat the physical addiction to the drugs.

Those, unfortunately, are probaly the easy part of what you face. Drug addiction is usually mental, spiritual and physical and you need to combat all three. If he is willing to let you help him with spells, it probably means he is ready to start combating the addiction and you should be prepared to help him with all three battles.

Strangely, it is soemtimes the physical addiction that is the easiest to fight. Talk with a professional drug counselor regarding the specific types of drugs that your son is doing and how to combat those physically. For minor drugs, it cna be as simple as removing the temptation and the circumstances when he uses drugs. For other things, like meth, the drugs is highly addictive and dmaaging to the body. To kick a habit of the harder drugs, he will most likely require intensive therapy or in-patient care.

Then, there is the mental addiction. this is where your strngth spell oculd help him the most. Many people feel weaker than they are and look to alcohol or drugs to make them feel stronger or more normal. You will have to help your son find the root causes behind his addiction and defeat them.

Finally, there is the spiritual side of the addiction. Using a purification spell to clean his aura will help make him more receptive to the strength spell and help clean up the damage the drugs ahve done to his soul. Good luck!

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