Can this infection be a glitter?

I have a infection that I’ve been trying to get rid of for along time can you help me get rid of it forever it keeps me up all night and it drives me nuts it is aglitter

If you have an infection that you cannot get rid of and the combination of purification and protection spells have not worked, you need to see a doctor and find out what other cause there might be.

Sometimes, as witches we tend to believe that everything is caused by witchcraft, but that is simply not the case. Sometimes, an infection is simply an infection.

Persistent infections which do not respond to treatment can be a sign of a much more significant illness. I have a friend who once had a sinus infection for two straight months. Eventually, her doctor began to look for other causes.

Eventually, he found a thyroid condition underlying her sinus trouble. Once her thyroid was treated, the sinus infection cleared up naturally. You may have a similar problem, not thyroid perhaps, but an underlying medical condition.

The simple truth is that magic can affect things of magical nature, but sometimes the physical world is simply the physical world. Though we try to protect ourselves from random evil and badness, some things do simply happen.

There is not always a guiding hand working against you. Sometimes, the culprit is a tiny little virus or a miniscule little bug. Either way, one of the joys of witchcraftg is we know that knowledge is power and that using any knowledge available to us is simply the right thing to do. Modern medicine is a tool we can use, and we should.


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