Can Wicca get rid of negativity?

I need to expell negitivity from around me, how can Wicca help?

Most practitioners keep talismans around to dispel negative energy. I have found Feng Shui to be extremely helpful for this, and as I am an eclectic practitioner, it works fine for me. Salt on the windowsills, a gold bag with salt in it around your neck, and some lovely indoor waterfalls ( available everywhere now, it seems) can help create a peaceful atmosphere, and where there is peace, there can be no discord. Blessed be.

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  1. sabah hameed says:

    I am Sabah hameed born on 27 July 1974. I am suffering from terrible magic spell. This has completely ruined my life. Half of my brain(right) is senseless since the age of fifteen. Now since about 7-8 years I have been suffering from seroius inflamation and pain in my left brain. I don’t think I will survive. I have been to quite many practitioners but unfortunately no one has been able to help me. I lose all my jobs and cannot concentrate at all . Life has become miserable for me; I don’t know how i will behave at what time?Please help me,tell me the simplest cure.

  2. dee says:

    i am totally stripped of happiness love assests and respect
    l have worked my fingers to the bone and lost everything. 4 people have casted black voodoo spells on me since age of 15 and now l everything has collapsed around me my business failure marriage sick children this is one serious case of voodoo l have found many talismans around my house and dont know what to do with them. please does anyone have an answer for Dee now 52 and very sad and ready to take her life as l have lost my beautiful home etc l am a really beautiful angelic little person always helping people why does the universe not help me

  3. Dexter says:

    It can help you , sorry to hear about everything.. I would say bury the talismans.. not in your yard! but out doors somewhere maybe across town. get rid of them ! sounds like strong santeria magick is at play here .
    burn sage in your home in every room to ward off evil and negativity. next light a black candle to absorb the negativity after the full moon for maybe 5 days or so use 2 or 3 black candles if needed… you needn’t say anything while doing this; but if you wish say something like
    “I am stronger than this curse. I send it back to the universe no longer will my life be for the worse. but harm none let the candles burn out do not blow the candle out or pinch it if needed snuff it out or wave your hand to put out the flame good luck.

  4. davina says:

    can you get rid of spells by not being afraid of them

  5. paige says:

    idk if there was any spells or hex put on me but i think so i can never keep friends and many people do not like me.and i do not know y.this is my situation my ex broke up with me threatened and cursed me out.we had the same two friends but when they trying to help my situation i didnt want them got out of hand and their girlfriends threatened to beat me and not to call or text them ever again.called me psycho and wrote on the web about you have any spells i can use to get rid of the misery and pain and harrassment.i kind of want something bad to happen to them for a long time but im not ex,the two friends,and their girlfriends.please help me??!

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