Can witchcraft fullfill my spiritual needs?

Will Wicca, Witchcraft or Magick reveal the purpose of my life and fulfill my deepest spiritual longings?

If you feel drawn to the craft, then you belong here. The God and Goddess always find their own, and in my experience, people who find interest, comfort and belonging in the Pagan lifestyle will be happy traveling this path. I know that ‘conventional’ spirituality did not fit for me, and I didn’t feel excited or alive when trying to practice it. After years of discussing with other pagans (of all types) I’ve found that the same thing is true for most everyone I’ve met.

Although our modern society tries to ignore them, spiritual longings are very real and very important to our development as humans. I find it interesting that so many people who were raised in Christianity are finding more fulfillment in the Neopagan movement. To me, that proves that spirituality is more important than conventional religion, and that more people are looking for spiritual fulfillment outside of organized religion. That is very exciting, because it shows that we are developing as a society to recognize that we are complex beings, including a full spiritual life. Perhaps someday spirituality will be regarded as an important part of a person’s life in popular culture.

So yes, this path can fulfill your deepest spiritual longings. As for the first part of your questions, there are many spells and tools that can help you unlock your own psychic power and reveal to you the purpose of your life. Many have also found guidance through astrology readings that help unearth their hidden talents and destiny.

Here is a small ritual that will help open up your third eye (psychic chakra).

Use a small purple draw string bag (or a square of purple cloth and some twine). Fill the bag with one or all of the following herbs:

Mugwort, acacia, honeysuckle, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, yarrow, cloves, dandelion, lilac, lavender and calendula.

Once you’ve stuffed the bag, or placed the herbs in the center of the cloth, tie up the herb packet. With a black marker, draw an eye on the bag. You can rub this bag over your third eye chakra (between and just above your eyes) before your perform any divination practice. You can also sleep with it under your pillow each night to bring visionary dreams.

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