Can you explain why this love spell hasn’t worked?

Hello Miss Rose,
Few weeks ago, I asked a lady at her website to cast a love spell on the man I love. The first spell was called Beloved. According to its description, the man was supposed to be in love with me.I don’t know whether it worked because my man is a cold person. It is really hard to understand him. However, when I asked him whether he was dating anybody, he simply replied that it could be possible that he was talking to a woman at the moment with whom he was considering a relationship, but he was not going to tell me anything about it since I loved him and once told him not to talk about other females with me. Actually, we have some religion, culture and family background issues that compelled us to decide few months ago that we wouldn’t go into a relationship. So I told him that he could date other women if he wanted to. However, after few days, when I made up my mind to date other guys I came to know that my mind turned faithful for him and that I truly fell in love with him. Slowly, my mind started revolving around thoughts just about him. I studied about witchcraft long time ago. But never took its help. So this love issue compelled me to bow to it. I myself tried a few spells, but I think I am not fit for it. Now the lady helped me by casting the love spell on him. However, as I didn’t get any result from it due his excellent tactic in hiding his own emotions and offending me by talking about his past love affairs, I looked to another spell which was cast by the same lady. It was done on 11th January 2007. It was called love spell. It was said to be quite powerful, permanent and irreversible. I haven’t met my man yet. So I really don’t know whether it is working. Now my magic lady’s assistance wrote me an email where she said the following: “While your spell was being cast, music could be heard from a source that sounded distant. She feels that this indicates your distance from music”. Could you tell me what this means? Another question is that what should I do to understand whether the spell is working on him? Should I always keep in touch with him? Or avoid him for a few days? How should I exactly behave? It seems the man himself is avoiding me now. So I am kind of confused.
Sorry for a long detailed information. Hope I have not bothered you much. I will be very much glad if you send me an answer. I will look forward to it.
Thank You,

Dear Saera,

I cannot tell you what the proprietor of the other website meant by telling you that she heard istant music while casting your spell and you might be distant from the music. I can tell you that I don’t believe her spells will work on the man you want them cast on or at least, I do not believe that these spells will work the way you want them to.

The problem is that casting a love spell on an unwilling recipient is not a good idea. It could be very detrimental to you both. You said that you have already had a long discussion with this man about the reasons why a relationship between the two of you cannot work and that you have asked him not to talk to you about the other women in his life.

Based on what you say eh said to you after the first spell, it is een possible that he was trying to tell you that he is still thinking of you and would like to resume your relationship. Regardless, before you got magic involved in this, you had a relationship with this man and you jeopardized it. If you want to fix your relationship, you need to talk to him about the conversation you had before and determine if the problems that the two of you agreed were keeping you apart can be solved.

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