Can you give me a spell to help me find a job?

I am looking for a spell that will help me obtain a job. But not just any job, a job that I can show off my talent and skills. I am not looking to get rich, I am looking to make enough money to support my son and to save a little away for my old age, and of course pay bills. Can you help me with that?

I agree with you about a job that will show off my skills. I don t want to be rich either, but a satisfying job is worth a lot as far as peace of mind and personal fulfillment. A couple of spells are included below which could help you on your search for the job you want. Keep in mind that you will need to repeat these spells. Magick is not always instant, but requires effort and patience.

A Spell for Prosperity in the Workplace

An old European spell says that carrying kelp with you or washing floors with it draws prosperity. Add these words to your efforts.

“Fortune, turn your head this way, bring abundant request today.”

Fill in the request with a suitable term such as “clients”, “leads”, or “customers”. This spell also helps with job advancement. Keep the kelp or something green as an element, but change the incantation for the situation.

For example:

“Goddess, let my talents shine, where hard work and faith combine, this promotion will be mine.”

This spell can be used for finding work and to find peace with a work placement. It is best cast when the Moon is in Virgo. Spring and Summer when foliage is lush and green. Sunday afternoons. The month of April.

A Patchouli Spell to Find a Job

Find job advertisments that are interesting to you and that you are truly qualified to perform. Take notes from them and anoint the newspaper with patchouli oil. Place the paper in a heat-safe container and ignite it as you say:

“By paper known, by fire relayed, power now waters the seeds I’ve laid. With this smoke my wishes rise. Show me where prosperity lies.” (Only light the fire in a safe container.)

Keep the ashes as a charm, or bury them with a blossoming plant so the energy grows. This spell aids you in improving your employment prospects, but is not a replacement for effort. It instills the most self-confidence when cast in Spring and Summer, with the Moon in Virgo. Repeat the steps before interviews.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Toni Galvan says:

    Are there any spells to stop someone from drinking and smoking?

  2. joanne says:

    Hi my name is joanne and I was made redunant
    January this year I just would like a free spell so i can get a job so I can have money
    in the bank again so I can play of my
    overdaft and get out of this mess that I
    feel I am in always ending up back at my mums all
    the time why can’t I have something for
    keeps Joanne.

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