Can you help me become a better musician?

Hello rose! I am a musician and my band broke up about a year ago. Music is my passion but ever since my band broke up things haven’t been going so well.I was very depressed when it happend because at the same time that happened I got laid off from my job and kept gaining weight. Anyway, I am now picking myself up and dusting myself off but i am trying to find the Band that I am meant to be with. I am currently attending school to become a paralegal to get my foot in the door in the music business industry.I am much more positive now and I need help drawing the people i am meant to perform with closer to me. can you help me? also the style of music i play is heavy metal so i would also like to know if you know anything I can do to protect myself from the constant negativity that sometimes comes with that genre of people and music. I truly appreciate your insight. =)

Merry Meet Seeker, I am so happy to hear that music is your passion. Music can take us to far away places and calm our mind instantly. Joseph Addison quoted “Music, the greatest good that mortals know, and all of heaven we have below”. Music calms us, inspires us and uplifts us. What a wonderful passion indeed. As for your interest in heavy metal, here is a charm bracelet that will keep you out of harm’s way forever. Bracelet spell For this spell, get a simple silver bracelt to which you can add charms. Sit by your altar or in any private room and visualize 13 goals for your future. All of you above wishes may be included in the 13. Each New Moon day, charge an object that you choose. Examples are tiny musical instruments, clapping hands, music charms, trophies, awards, good luck charms, etc. Add this charged item to the bracelet. You may start wearing it immediatly or wrap it in a silk scarf and wear it when it is complete. Add a charm to the bracelet every New Moon so that at the end of 13 New Moons, your 13 goals have been accomplished and your bracelet is complete. If you wish, you can start this bracelet spell again with a new set of goals. I wish you the very best in your music goals as well as in any other goals that you may have for yourself or your family and friends. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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