Can you help me become a master of black magic?

i want to be a sorceress{to be a master of black magic,dark arts,and witchery} for free,can you help me become one? i want to become one to gain power so i can help others…….please helpme

Please go to the library or the internet and do some research about your request. You say you are wanting to help people, but then you say you want to learn black magic, the dark arts and witchery.

I think you are confused.

Some Wiccans and Pagans practice magic, but it is not generally considered black magic or dark arts. If you really want to help people with magic, the first thing you need to do is learn the difference between good magic and black magic. Generally, people who practice black magic are hurting others or themselves in an effort to gain power. Black magic is generally not used for good or to help others.

If you are wanting to use magic to help people, then I would suggest that you look for a local coven and ask one of the people there to teach you about the craft. They will probably ask you to study with them for at least a year, both to gauge your commitment to learning and to make sure that you understand all the principals of witchcraft.

Without understanding the principals, you can easily be corrupted and end up with results that are exactly the opposite of what you intend. Black magic is not something you wnat to mess with. If you would like to help people, then you really need to learn that first.

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  1. greg says:

    black magic=:(

  2. Kira says:

    Hi i have read several answers from you on this site but really all you give is techniques to increasing self confidence etc. However most people are asking about how to perform real Magick (or Magic) such as casting fire or the spells seen in Harry Potter which is definetly impossible for Humans. So I am confused with what this site does can you please explain.

  3. Alexis says:

    Hi, my name is Alexis. I am an apprentice wizard. I work on natural, divine, banish and others lower and medium level magics. I am going to summon a succubus before July. I know succubus isn’t dangerous but I am not confident in it since I have no experience at all. This will be my first time and I want to do it with my best! Please tell me some useful tips if you know. Thanks.

  4. scott bowlan says:

    i have a question that’s been bothering me for years.

    several times i have used anger in black magic to place a curse on people to have then die.

    it has worked on each of the 3 times i have done it each with in a year or so.

    once was to destroy a mirage between my past land Lord and his wife,it also played out exactly as i wanted it to.

    is it possible to use this black magic in a way that does good.

    if it works so well for destroying people is there a way i can use the same force to actually help others.

    please let me know.

  5. Sabrina says:

    I don’t now if I am a natural witch either,can someone help me? The thing is I am able to see the dead and demons. A demon has tried to posess me 3 times yet failed and I seem to be able to control fire on a subtle level. Also animals seem to be strongly connected to me, especiallly my cat. Every time I read something about spells or work with herbs he’s right by my side and dosen’t move till I tell him. Also I have weird dreams about monsters, war, and being a wolf. Yet thats not the weirdest part, when I wake up I find bruises and scratches on me ecsactley(sp?) where I got them in my dreams. Also I feel comforted when I’m in the dark or in shadowy places.

  6. henna says:

    hey scott bowlan
    h can i content you can you plz mail me: [email protected]

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