Can you help me become a werewolf?

this is a complicated question. its my belief that most myths are based off of facts so they where once real at some point it our existance. under these conditions i believe that werewolfs were once real and suffered from a “curse” only i don’t think its a curse. i’m researching to find a spell or a ritual or anything that will help in the return of these creatures, hopefully starting with me. to state it outright. i wish to become a werewolf and need help accomplishing this

I thought and thought before deciding to answer your question and finally decided that you have been reading too much White Wolf fiction and too much Werewolf: The Apocalypse and obviously not paid attention to the message behind werewolf stories.

It is very likely that in the past man’s inhumanity toward one another caused creatures like werewolves to exist, but unlike in the White Wolf books, werewolves are not normally depicted as happy bouncer defenders of Gaia.

Being a werewolf is considered a curse because when the wolf takes over, the person loses control of its humanity. There is no protecting friends or loved ones fromt he ravaging beast; there is only death for whatever poor soul happens to be nearby when the transformation takes place.

So, I can only come up with two reasons why you would want to be a werewolf: 1) you’ve read the game system and have decided to take it literally and believe that becoming a werewolf will make you an eco-terrorist extraordinaire defending the planet. Wrong!  or 2) You are being bullied or otherwise injured by a party who is bigger, stronger, meaner or nastier than you and you are hoping to become a werewolf to defend yourself. i guess there might be other reasons, but I can’t think of any that are good, so I’m going to choose to believe the best about you and that this is just a misguided quest for justice.

If your reason is number 2, please, please, talk to someone you trust about the person who is hurting you. Sometimes the best way to defend yourself is to turn to soemone in authority to do it for you.

If our reason is number 1, please stop roleplaying immediately. Werewolf the Apocalypse and games like it are just for fun and if you are taking them seriously enough to want to be a werewolf, you need a new hobby.

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  1. bernard mcdonagh says:

    hey! im a very religious christan person and have always been interested in witchcraft. is this wrong of me to think this way.

  2. Lord of Devil-Vampir says:

    Lols. im from SG and let me tell u a hint onw ad to be, dun be a werewolf. It’s stupid -.= and it sucked when the vampire and werewolf clash in the netherworld. hahas wads ur name? wan be a part of me? some1 who seeks revenge and kills ppl without them knowing. if ur interested, reply a comment on here / add me in ur msn [email protected]

  3. Ahz says:

    ok so P-shifting to a werewolf is troublesome but aren’t there any more avilable shapeshifting spell or something related?
    shifting sounds cool and might be helpful in escaping some troubles X3

  4. TT says:

    You people that think werewolves are bad better hope i never find you. Your all saying shes insane we’ll guess what im not!!! if you dont get what i am implying you need to read alittle more into this and if you have any questions about werewolves, vampires or other ‘mythical’ creatuures contact me at [email protected] thank you all!

  5. fd says:

    to become a werewolf is easy, have a werewolf bite you are eat wolf brains, drink water from a wolfs footprint or sleep under the full moon on a Friday.

  6. Pink says:

    But so far all the magic experts I know, say everyone has magic all you have to do is believe, but for some some reason were wolves isn’t possible, or it’s only on the inside, or in your dreams. No! Magic is either possible to do anything if we believe or it’s NOT.

  7. SabreX (The-Fang) says:

    Mmmm. Well. I Am A Were (AKA: The Furr). And Sorry To Disappoint You All. But The Only Way To become Like Me Is….
    You Have To Be Born This Way.

    You Should Be Thankful Of Who and What You Are. Trust me You Don’t Want This Because If Truly In Your Heart You Believe In Yourself and Help Others and Do Your Best In Everything You Do…. You Don’t Need Anything But Yourself, Friends, Family A Mate (Maybe). You have Everything You Need Right Where You Are.

    You Should Be Thankful (Each One Of You)

  8. SabreX (The-Fang) says:

    And I Do Speak “TRUTH”

  9. Misty says:

    i find wolves very facinating but werewolves i dont understand sometimes i dream of being one,i like werewolves and i want to be one but i keep changing my mind sometimes i wanna be a VAMPIRE!!!!!

  10. Aleesha says:

    I want to be a werewolf. I was thinking of trying the mirror method. Check out this site.

  11. andrew says:

    I’m a werewolf and I haven’t changed yet idk why but I know what bit me that night and I just haven’t changed but all the rage from the moon is there how do I do the actual change any suggestions

  12. maximilian says:

    me too i am one, evry full moon my bones hurt and my teeths grow, although nothing bit me, but i slept one night on the floor outside but i dint know, anyways those are the only changes i have, am i a wrewolf without knowing?

  13. sheri says:

    My question is how do I get rid of a pack of werewolves that were sent after me. I have had it confirmed that they were sent and these are NOT regular dogs. Have seen them with my 3rd. ey

  14. sheri says:

    My question is how do I get rid of a pack of werewolves that were sent after me. I have had it confirmed that they were sent and these are NOT regular dogs. Have seen them with my 3rd. eye and they aren,t very nice. I have seen them twice now in the mall where I have a shop. They were NOT in the mall before. Then I started having trouble with a roomate who is wiccan and when mad at someone does throw black magick at them to hurt. Would like to now how to get rid of them

  15. Tyga says:

    you wont be able to find out how to become a werewolf on the internet because most of them have gone into hiding many believe its a curse another thing if you were to become one you need to control yourself one other thing if you were to be bitten by one you would not have a high chance of becoming one because there are different types of werecreatures

  16. kristen says:

    i’ve been after the same goal for 6 years now,fully phasing into a werewolf.i’ve never asked my parents but i know from other relatives that there’s a long history of magic (mostly black magic) and some beastry (werewolves and vampires) in both sides of my family.Even before i knew this,i had a gut feeling about being different;being… animalistic.the knowledge only backed up my feelings.i know there’s more to me than what shows.its like something’s unbudgingly telling me that i’m suppose to be this animal inside. any suggestions?

  17. Justin says:

    Also I need the lycanthropus

  18. joe says:

    im a werewolf but i haven’t changed yet but every full moon all my rage comes out and i feel like killing someone or ripping their heads off

  19. R says:

    Bernard mcdonagh no it’s not bad to think that way u have freedom of ur own thought just don’t try any of this stuff it doesn’t work

  20. kenny says:

    i am a teen wolf who just wishes to know there are more of him. i was born a wolf but only a half wolf i wish to no how to be a full wolf. the dark beings are rising i need the help.

  21. rovah says:

    I think I am one because I get very mad when the full moon is coming and I have cravings for meat and I’m very strong for my size and age and I like to bite and chew things but idk.

  22. Zoe says:

    i need help, i’m pretty sure im a wolf and i need to know if i am or not, weird crap happens to me, but the 2 people i’ve told laugh and think im crazy. could someone please email me ([email protected])(excuse the rubbish email address, my friend made it for me a long time ago and i cant be bothered to make a new one.) i also want to find others like me who are actually serious.

  23. charles smith says:

    Actually my reason is neither. I am lupine in nature and often dream of running through the woods with the freedom of becoming a wolf. I’ve dreamt of being able to tap into my more animalistic nature and I hope you can help me. I’ve tried different magical means to become a werewolf, but have been unsucessful thus far. Please help me

  24. charles smith says:

    Well I just read some of the posts above, I’m not going to claim any magic or “beast” on any side of my family. I’m just extremely interested in magic and wish to learn. If you can help me, great. If not, I’ll look elsewhere. Thank you for your time

  25. bt says:

    i realy want to be a werewolf so bad and i wont be by myself no so can found a way for me to be a werewolf

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