Can you help me cast spells?

hi rose this is melissa here,can u plz help me out wid certain speel’s,by callin me up on 009920368167,this is vry important…bless it be…

Hi there Melissa, Unfortunately, I generally do not call anyone who writes in to the site… and well, it is generally a very poor idea to post you phone number to sites like this. Better safe than sorry and all that…. As to helping you with certain spells… well, I can certainly give it a game effort at least. But I will need a bit more information on what type of magic you are attempting and what you are hoping for the outcome to be before I can really give you any kind of informed advice at all…. So, what is it that you are attempting to you the wise craft for? And well, as far as general advice, I can give you a tidbit that I have found to be helpful over the years…. First off, one of the most important things that I have found in regards to the casting of spells or performing of rituals is that it is fairly vital to make absolutely certain that you actually need whatever it is that you are employing the art for…. And well, in this case, there is a world of difference between need and want. Generally, the universe responds much better to things we actually need… especially the things that are needed for altruistic and selfless reasons. And well, in the converse, the universe tends to frown on making use of the art to simply gratify our own base desires and fulfill our wants. Blessed be….

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