Can you help me protect myself against Black Magic?


My name is Saira Hameed, born on 7th Auguest 1975. I think my monther-in-law has casted some major balckmaagic spell on me. I have headaches almost all the time, and I also got really sick one. Please help ASAP. Thanks.



Why would your mother-in-law do such a thing to you? Have you tried to make friends with her?  And, have you had a doctor check on your headaches? It is definitely possible the amgic could be the cause of your symptoms, but I would have for you to be really ill and miss it.

Try this protection/cleansing information and if it doesn’t work, go see a doctor.

First, mix sandalwood and bay leaves together and burn as incense so that the purifying smoke can cleanse your home.

Next, make a satchet of agrimony, bay leaves, bamboo, witch’s grass and blessed thistle. Then, put the satchet in a tub full of warm water and take a relaxing bath. The bath should help ease your headache and satchet in the water will help rinse away whatever curse or black magic vexes you.

Finally, you need to make a personal satchet to carry with you of agrimony and mint. If the woman you beleive curses you is coming to your home, make sure to have incense of either sandalwood or allspice burning to prevent her from creating more problems.

There are several other herbs of protection that can be added to your satchet if you prefer and other herbal incense that can also provide protect. The important thing to do is to break the curse and then provide yourself with protection so that it doesn’t happen again.

If this does not work to ease your headache, see a doctor as stress and other illnesses can cause headaches as well as spells…

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  1. julie says:

    Please help me. I am studying whichcraft at the moment but dont feel that I am at the level to cast spells strongly enough but I have a real problem please help me. My partners ex (Who has his child so we cant break contact) Is making such strong black magick against us I am scared, there are no coincidences, everytime she gets angry or jealous something terrible happens,In two years We have lost two dogs and two cats, we have had three car crashes and two other accidents causing serious injury. My boyfriends mom has had two nasty falls and now relies on a wheelchair. We live extremely healthy lives but in this two years have had umpteen serious illnesses. All of these things happen directly after she gets mad! I dont have yet special ingredients for spells and the last time I tried to make a protection spell the candles blew out with doors and windows closed! Help me.

  2. Morgaine says:

    There is no such thing as black magick, or white magick. Magick has NO colour.

  3. barbara says:

    I would like to say I beleave in black and white magick because any type of magick that has to do hurting someone out of anger is black and just wanted true justice for the right thing is white

  4. marie says:

    i recently became very ill, there is a woman at work who i am told practices santeria and hurtful type voodoo, a voodoo doll was once found in a drawer at work and she admitted it was hers. we recently had a falling out of major proportions, though i forgave her and moved on my intuition and her cold actions toward me are making me suspect that she is working something in my name. is there something i can do to combat this and or keep me safe from her workings?

  5. that sux hard says:

    julie on September 29, 2007 at 2:34 pm, have you killed her yet? lol. JK.

  6. Diva says:

    does any one have protection spells for me i think im being hexed by an evil spirit

  7. Amy says:

    My husband has had a hard time in life he says he feels like everytime he trys to make something of his self that he has a heavy weight on his shoulder like something want let him do it. He thinks one of his ex’s has put a curse on him what could we do to take it off or make it stop.

  8. P.V.PRABHAKAR says:


  9. veronica says:

    hi i just wanted to know what can i do to help my dad, because my mom put a black magic spell on her self not to go to jail and to keep my father loveing her.what iam woried about is that she also put a domestic vilence case on him and i dont want it to make him go to jail for somthing he didnt even do please help?!?

  10. Tyowenboy says:

    Well, you must first become a witch or warlock yourself.

  11. Tyowenboy says:

    to become a witch or warlock you dont have to worship satin (the devil)

  12. saeed says:

    Hi I have a question you have about a black magic. someone attacked us put it is that tub of dead children’s organs for the black magic he uses, I personally have seen the body on fire in the bowl and puts Then the bubble when it sings the words organs solution for the cancellation of this is magic?

  13. Arzu dev says:

    If anybody need help for Black magic, i know some one who is really very good and his Magic is with 100 % True. His name is Krish Pandit he is an indian and also indian born right now he is in europe. He has solved also my problems if anybody have any problem just contackt him. his Add:

  14. Gandolf the Grey says:

    LOL! :-p

  15. David says:

    I know ,!! ,first hand that this guy’s mother -in law put the whammy on him & I know why ,–because she is a hateful ,evil satanic etnity .There are a great many ,too many!! just like her & ,its’ very simple ,they are evil !!! There are many ,many of those evil etnitys out there that do things like ,”the over-looks ” &” maloiques” & all sorts of voo-doo ,etc evil ,hateful ,harmful spells etc.that really do actual physical harm to others ,,, So everyone should be warned about & against those etnitys ,because they are VERY !!! real !

  16. Afia Hassan says:

    if some one need any help from me regarding black magic,evil spirit etc….I can help you online FI SABI LILLHA..Here is my Email address
    [email protected]

  17. Roger Farmer says:

    I know my life is cursed there is nothing I know to do about it. Every thing I do always backfires. I am the world’s worst pessimist. I am not surprised at any thing that happens to me. I own 2 houses and hate both of them, I cannot fix things fast enough. If I fix one thing, 3 tear up, I f I fix 3 things, nine tear up. I know with out a shadow of a doubt that there is some kind of curse on me. If I could find out who or what is doing this I would kill them in the most horrible way and never bat an eye. I cannot spend enough money on a houyse. It has been 4 years since my wife pased away I should have gotr my house straight by now but something always interfers. I cannot clen or fix enough . If both burnt to the ground IO would be happy but that will never happen for it is what I wan t. I curse the day I bought both of them . I bought the second one becauyse the first tok so much money to fix. now I have 2 to keep up. I have an existance I would have to upgrade to have a life . Irf you can helpo me I would apprecite but have no money for I am spending all of it ona a dam house

  18. Selva says:

    I was happily married and blessed with 2 kids ., life was fine and I was working in overseas and my job was good and strong and in my control., Do not know what happed made me to leave the job in 2004 Fed and I came back to India., to get a better job.,
    Got the job but not happy with that ., then I left the job after very long time this year I got a job in overseas again ., I do not know what ever I do Boss did not like and out of the job in 4 months,
    The same mistake done by other was take has mistake .,

    after 2004 so far there is not money flow at all., my farther in law is helping ., I am still trying no no luck., Day by day going down .

    one person in India told that there is a evil in my house and asked Rs25K, for taking it out.
    after paying and he contract me over the phone ., after 20 days I got the job., He told here after nothing to worry. after 4 months now me again in the same bad shape .

    Every thing gets delay and finally goes out off my hands ., no money coming in

    Do not know how / what is the remedy.

  19. Do you get paid to write this post or are you doing the writing without getting paid?

  20. Nee says:

    Black magic is real… and so is witchcraft. The only way to be free from this is through JESUS!
    you don’t become a witch or warlock to escape the evils of witchcraft, black magic ect…
    Does that even make sense for those that have a brain? Go to the devil to get free from him? That’s ignorance in it’s pure form. Pray in Jesus name and ask for forgiveness even if you feel that you haven’t done wrong. Do not turn to evil.

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