Can you help me protect myself from others’ machinations?

l am writting to tell you that there was a very big problem between me and my girlfriend right now a very dangerous situation .my enemies team up with her to destroy me .so the only thing i want now is to show me how to difuse whatever they plot against me and to put fight among them immediately that whatever they may do me spiritualy be sent back to them i want to protect myself from her.she live in a town called madina in accra ghana. and her name is nyamekye appiah-adjei melody.she is a hairdresser.

I’m sorry to ehar that your girlfriend is being unduly influenced by your enemies. Unfortunately, if she is choosing to work with your enemies, my first advice would be to stop calling ehr your girlfriend. when someone you love is working against you, it is a very difficult situation. But the best thing you can do is to separate yourself from that person. Continuing to let them stay clsoe to you is like giving them an engraved invitation to continue hurting you.

Once you have broken up with her, you need to cast a protection spell on yourself to keep them from continuing to hurt you. I would also recommend redoing whatever protections you have on your home and carrying a protection satchel with you at all times.

As painful as it may be, when the person who is working against you is a loved one, the first thing you have to do is to remove all contact with that person. If you girlfriend cans till contact you, she can still cause you emotional pain even if you ahve spiritual protection from her in place.

Unfortuantely, our emotions can be a crack is our psychic shields and you have to be very careful to protect yourself from the pain that she can create. It is always so difficult to say goodbye to a bad relationship, but that’s what you need to do.

Blessed Be!

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