Can you help me restore trust in my relationship?

dear rose
i need to find a simple spell to cast on my boyfriend and i..we are living in the same house but sleeping separate caz i accused him of another woman..but he made it look suspecious by being secrative and telling me it was none of my now he wants to just be friends and live together caz he says that if i knew him like i said i do i wouldnt accuse him of other woman and id have trust in him..the sad part is he is right..if you will will you either cast a spell for me or give me a simple one to use so i can get the love of my life back
thank you penny jones

p.s. my name is penny marie jones age 37
and his is gary alan o’connell age 44
what ever you can do to help me will make me very happy thanks again

Dear Penny,

The first thing you need to do is talk to Gary and see if he wants to fix your relationship. It is possible that he is so angry over your accusation that he doesn’t want to try to fix things right now. And, it’s also possible that he was cheating on you and is using the fact that you accused him as a way to end the relationship and blame you.

The first thing I noticed is that he never denied having an affair, he just simply turned it back on you, blaming you for not having faith in him. Yes, trust is an important part of any relationship, but sometimes so is honesty. If you cannot ask him an honest question and expect him to give you an honest answer then you are not the only violating the trust of the relationship.

If his actions were suspicious and lead you to believe that he might be having an affair, then you had every right to ask him about it.

Yes, as someone in a committed relationship, you should believe in the person you love. However, the reality is that many, if not most, people cheat in their relationships. So, perhaps the even bigger question is does it matter?  If you love him, tghen you need to talk with him, see if he will consider couple’s couseling and find out if he wants to make the relationship work.

If not, then you need to seek spells for personal healing instead of trying to salvage something that may already be over.

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