Can you help me win enough money to get skin treatments?

Hi I don’t know if you can help me with this but I am hopeing. I have bad skin and beside that I am not that happy. I play the daily pick 3 numbers in canada and I can never win. I want help so bad, but I can;t afford to pay for expensive spells. I really need money to help my family a bit and most of all I need money so I can pay to get a make over and feel beautiful with my skin.The wicked always prospering and the good always suffering and I get so depressed most of the time because how I look. Can you help me by telling me what numbers I should play in the pick 3 or 4 or maybe the lottory for this week? I just want enough money to win so I can feel or be happy agian.Most of all I want my skin back.

There are spells that can help you increase your luck and other spells that can help you with money issues, but right now, I would say that what you need is to take matters into your own hands.

First, spending money to win the pick three or the lottery is not going to help you clear up your skin or feel better about yourself. Save the money you are spending on the lottery and put it aside for the makeover that you have been wanting. Even at just a dollar a day, you’ll have the money for the makeover in no time.

Second, you need to understand that your skin is not you. While all of us feel better about ourselves when we think we look better, it is important to realize that you are a beautiful person no matter how bad your skin is. Real friends and people worth having real relationships with will see past the skin to that inner beauty.

Third, no one likes to be told to let their inner beauty shine. It sounds like something we tell people who aren’t as attractive as they would like to be. It is, however, true. When you are happy and feel good about yourself, you look better.

So, since the first thing we need to do is to work on how you feel about yourself, I would suggest finding a spell to help you feel that inner beauty. And, I would suggest that you look into natural (and usually inexpensive) treatments for bad skin. One good option is to wash your face twice a week with a combination of almond oil and oatmeal. The oatmeal will help remove excess oils and things trapped in the pores and the almond oil will prevent you from over-drying your skin.

Good luck!



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  1. laura says:

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  2. jazzy says:

    i will to no if there is a spell to help me get a better paying job so i dont have to work two jobs anymore/? or may be some luck with money to futer my education.i am really in tight spot right now. please help

  3. MARY says:


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