Can you help someone remember they like me?

I have a question that I couldnt already find on this site. There is a man that liked me and I liked him back, some kind of mix up has happened and we are both to shy to try and fix it. Is there a type of love spell that I could use to remind him of me and possibly allow him to like me again? I dont want to force him to fall in love with me or anything I just really liked what we had and I know he likes me back or liked me quite a bit!

Hello there my dear, So you are looking for a way to remind someone that they may have liked you at some point in the past… and you are hoping to respark those feelings in them again? I suppose my first question for you would be why have you not simply gone and talked to them about this? It seems to me that if there was something there previously that it likely has not just vanished… regardless of whatever miscommunication there may have been between the two of you. And well, he may just be waiting for a sign from you that there is still something there to be pursued… especially if he is, as you said, the shy type…. What I can offer you in terms of magic is a spell to help bolster your own self esteem and hopefully give you the courage to go and speak with your potential beau…. A Spell to Encourage Self Esteem Lacking that happy knack of making friends easily? If you are asked to a party, do you stand around like the proverbial wallflower while everyone else is engaged in happy conversations and the sound of everybody else’s laughter fills the room? Or maybe your career is stuck in a rut and you see no way to make that break for yourself to get ahead? If you think, “That’s me!” about any of these, then maybe the answer lies in a lack of self-esteem and the following will help…. You will need: A bath Lavender essential oil Jasmine essential oil An essential oil burner Seven green oak leaves (Basil can be used if oak is out of season) One purple candle One yellow candle Purple thread An envelope First, start a warm bath running and drizzle some of the lavender oil into the water. Next light both candles and sit them near the bath. Float the leaves in the bath and climb in. Breathe in through your nose and hold it for a count of seven. Breathe out through your mouth for a seven count. Repeat this process six more times. As you breathe in, visualize your lungs filling up with warm, golden light. As you breathe out, see your frustrations in your breath and watch your anger, pain, and all of the other barriers that stand in your way float away with each exhalation. Now, totally relaxed and at ease with yourself, visualize a spot of golden light above you. Watch it get bigger and bigger before it floats down and your body is enveloped in its warm glow. At this point, repeat the following: “I have a contribution to make. I have words to say. Let others hear the words I speak. And take self-doubt away. And let it be done, that it harm no one.” Repeat these words six more times before leaving the bath and snuffing the candles. Thread the oak leaves onto the string and then hold them up to the light and repeat the previous verse one last time. Fold the leaves into the envelope and place the envelope into your handbag or wallet. End the ritual by burning the jasmine oil in the burner and letting the scent of it waft over you, removing any last traces of self-doubt.

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