Can you listen to special music to help your Magick spells?

I am having trouble clearing my mind. I have 2 questions. I was wondering if you have to listen to soft music or can you listen to whatever? When you cast a spell do you have to say it out loud or to yourself?

What you listen to is a personal choice. Different music will evoke different moods and feelings in each person. So, what you listen to can even change depending on what spell you are working with. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you could need a different type of music. I love most types of music, but am very specific about what activities and moods coordinate with the musical choices. You can play with the possibilities. For different types of spells, play a type of music in the background. Music can move people in many ways. If the music feels wrong, try something else. You may even want to put on a specific song or CD and simply meditate on the spell you want to cast. If things feel wrong, try another song or type of music. Just remember the power of music can be a wonderful ally for you.

Use it with precision and the results can be incredible. Different people recommend saying a spell out loud, while others speak them to themselves. Your choice can depend on where you are and whether you are alone. If others are nearby, you may prefer to speak the words to yourself. Or, if other wiccans are nearby you may choose to speak aloud and bring them into the spell with you. Whenever you are saying or thinking the words of a spell, remember that adjusting the words to make the spell your own will make it more powerful for you.

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