Can you make a girl fall in love with me?

Please do not consider me lightly. I am in urgent need. I love this girl, Chelisia and i know that she likes me. I frightened to go and ask her out because a no from her part is more than what i can bear. You are the last person who can ever help me, please do not abandon me, lift me out of the darkness i am in. Please make her come and tell me that she loves me. Please help me

I never consider any question asked of me “lightly”, friend.  And it certainly does sound like you are in an emotional mess.  But I am afraid that I cannot do what you want me to, and “make” this woman say “yes.”

Many people have a mistaken idea about Wiccans, that we not only use white magick, but also use gray and black magick to “make” people conform to our will, or to the will of people who ask us to intervene on their behalf.  It seems like in each and every letter I answer, I reiterate the Rede and The Rule of Three, basic foundations of Wicca.  It appears that I’m going to have to do so again in your case. 

I will not use “gray” or “black” magick, because that would be contrary to my beliefs.  The Wiccan Rede is very similar to the Golden Rule:  “An it Harm None, Do What Ye Will.”  Simply put, this means that before I take any action whatsoever, I need to consider all of the possible effects this action would have on others; if any others would be harmed by my actions, then these I will not do.  Personally, I firmly believe that “making” someone say “Yes” to a date violates their own free will, and I certainly would not like someone doing that to me!  The Rule of Three also needs to be considered before any spells:  “All Good that ye do, three times returns to you; All Harm that ye do, three times returns too.”  Once again, what you are asking of me is contradictory to that rule. 

There are many ways to help someone see your good points without even using magick.  Learn to use your eyes and ears, see and hear her needs, then find small, gracious ways to meet them.  If she admires flowers, either pick some for her, or send some.  If she mentions a certain food that she enjoys, create a meal for her and surprise her.  Do these things because you want the best for HER, not because you want her to love you.  That may happen, or it might not.  But you will at least have made her world a more beautiful place by your personal touch.

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  1. ritesh says:

    i love sonu very much and i like her very much i thing these communities can do it for me i am great full to this community

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  3. Abs says:

    Plesase I have so important question…

    There us a girl I love,and we are so closed friends, and she cares alot of me too, but she just say she feels comfortable with me and it is nice,but she doesnt have feelings,that magic click.
    but I love her alot, and she know, and she cares…
    Any one please has a useful advice for me and her?please

  4. peter says:

    hi rose.
    i never would ask this and i wouldnt ask for u to help me with a spell.

    There is a girl who iv been in love with for the past few years. she loves me too.
    we used to look at each other, and then she spoke to me and gave me her number. we kissed slept in the same bed in the city. then in the summer we went back to the village we are from and she said wait for me until september, so i did, but she found someone, she kept on calling me everyday and night telling me she wants me and i have a good heart. she would kiss me from time to time. she broke up with her boyfriend a year ago. but we never got together, and we started talking on and off. we both wanted to but things kept getting in the way.
    she used to say she wants to get married and she would like our kids to look like me.
    we then found it again and started to get close again, holding hands and going out to family parties. but she had to move to her dads village. we kept talking i told her i think im in love with her, and she said why didnt u tell me this before. she said we can only be friends now and talk everyday. so i said ok lets be friends. but she stopped calling and we didnt talk, just hellos. she moved back to where i am and she called me and wanted to see me and for us to start going out. i went to her house again. but i said to her we are just going to be friends. and she stopped calling me again and sometimes dont reply as much. i sked her whats the matter she said we will talk. but she still doesnt reply just hello. i know she loves me and i love her too. inside me i love her and i will do anything for her to make her happy. i used to help her clean her house i used to help her mum and dad and her.
    im woried i might have pushed her to far now, by what i told her on the sms. we always find our love, but i want to be with
    her, we both always hold back.
    her name is maria nearchou 24 im peter lambri 30. if there is anything u can do i
    would really be greatful. the way we met the way we are, things that have happened and we have the same mole on the same place of our hand, i know we are ment to be together.

  5. peter says:

    rose any help you can give thank you.

  6. Micheal says:

    Hey Rose,

    I love this girl very much and she doesn’t love me at all. Please help!

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