Can you please explain to me about the three-fold law?

Rose, can you please explain to me about the three-fold law that governs all magical workings,magic, witchcraft,occult,or metaphysic.

Merry Meet Seeker,
That is a wonderful question indeed.
Magick is a blessing for all human beings and all living things. Even as children we can make most of our life by just visualizing our intentions. What a powerful way of life that is! Wicca and most of the natural religions follow this path as it empowers us and makes us proactively enjoy life. Using this principle, many people have created this life and enjoy it to the max.
This power that we have been blessed with is not something to be ignored or abused. Many people, even those in their 40s or 50s do not know how to visualize and create their lives. They may believe that God is the one who decides what to do with our life, moment to moment. Wiccans and other pagans KNOW that we humans have the power to direct our path in this life. To do this, we have to make our spirits powerful by practicing meditation, doing good deeds and so on.Primarily this work uses positive emotions such as Love, Joy, Gratitude, Benevolence, Assistance, Compassion etc. The Universe has a feedback system that enables people who work with the Universe wich is called the Three-Fold-Rule. This rule exists so that we humans do not go overboard and upset the status-quo. If a person does something that is beneficial to another living being, we may get three fold results depending on our circumstances and intentions.
Although most people enjoy these privileges and make good use of it, there are those who would rather hurt others rather than focus on their own lives. Revenge, Hate, Anger, Jealousy, Pity, etc. When people use these emotions, they are not working from their hearts. The Universe in its infinite wisdom has not put up a “NO” sign but added a caveat that those who indulge in negative actions will get the results back three fold.
In this way, the Universe keeps a check on who helps whom and who is hurts whom so that on one is left helpless.
Brightest Blessings

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