Can you teach me black magic?

hi my name is vivian i am from india i wanna learn black magic but i dnt know how to start and wht should i do so can u please help me out in this and i luv a girl by name candice wilkins i think she is flirting with me i just want her to stop that

You want me to teach you black magic? Really? Do you even have the vaguest of concepts of what it is that you are asking for or what you would be letting yourself into if by some cosmic fluke I, or anyone else for that matter, actually deigned to agree to do such a thing? No, somehow I really do not think that you do…. Instead, I think you are someone who thinks you are being cute and funny. Well, let me be the first to tell you that questions like this are neither. They are simply mindless expressions of ignorance and bigotry by small minded people who cannot begin to fathom that there may be more to the world beyond the insular little lives that they have built for themselves. They are scared that there may be things out there that they cannot even begin to understand – and even that vague knowledge terrifies them to their bones…. So, much like the people who burned their fellow humans at the stake for the crime of not thinking the same way that they did, you lash out in your own misguided manner – hoping to shore up your own vision of the way things are and how they should be. And well, if you are going to be so small minded about something like this, I scarcely want to imagine what other ways your bigotry manifests itself…. And well, if you are actually serious about wanting to learn the dark arts, I would just like to remind you of another group who took that path… another group of bigots who killed and burned everything they did not understand. Maybe you have heard of Hitler? Or Himmler? Or the Nazi Third Reich? They had entire divisions dedicated to harnessing the dark arts – and well, look how well that turned out for them….

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  1. Andrew Tsitavets says:

    I read all your answers to the questions that other people had but I assure you I am different from them all the right is yours to teach someone the dark arts I can’t ask you to teach me the decision has to be made by you, you are the only person that can decide if you ever want to share the knowledge with someone else. The funny thing is that my family line is full of wizards so I know the truth behind the dark arts. My grandfather left me his book but I still have not been able to open it. It’s not that I don’t want to open it it’s that I can’t open it he sealed it. But I will find a way to open it. I know it’s not my place to ask you but if there is any chance I can learn from you then our family will continue to have knowledge of the dark arts.

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