Can you turn me into a witch?

can you please turn me into a witch

Merry Meet Seeker,
This is a popular question indeed! However, people miss the most important thing about witches. We are all born witches! Yes, all of us are born with the powers that we need to live a successful, prosperous and happy life. However, most of the religions that exist today will never agree to that since they want us to feel helpless, “sinful” and not worthy.
The simple fact is that all human beings (and animals) are magickal. We can easily use our thoughts to create our destiny. Among humans, those who are aware of this simple fact will become very successful in life. Some people do not understand that they are magickal and others are too afraid as a result of the propaganda from corporate religions which like to keep people under their control. Why would the creator give us will power and then take it away? Why would a newborn baby be called a “sinner”?
Anyway, instead of worrying about the people who are too controlling of others, let us rejoice in the fact that we have the freedom to choose our religion, or decide not follow any religion but the rules of the Universe. Isn’t it amazing that each of us human beings on Earth (and maybe on other planets) can use our powerful spirits to create the future? Those who believe in God but have not the eyes to see what God is will wander all over the world looking for God and not finding “him”. However, those who know that our Universe with everything we see, hear, taste, smell or enjoy constitutes our magickal world. God is not just a man; God is everything we see in the Universe.
Since we have the ability to change our lives just by using the power of our thoughts, we need nothing else in the world to enjoy a happy, loving, helpful life. Having born with the ability to create love, life and joy in your life and that of others, you are already a witch when you are born!
So enjoy this freedom and make your life the way you wish it to be. Alongside, don’t forget to help others who are not as aware as you are.
Brightest Blessings

“How can I get my fiance back?”,”hi rose. Me and my fiance were in love for 5 years and we were happy through out these years and this year was our marriage fixed, but last 2 months back i was out of the country for the work purpose which is a part of my job and for few days i couldn’t be in touch with her, frankly speaking a small communication gap happened between us. she became very upset and out the stubbornness she and parents decided they do not want me anymore or the marriage with me and they are searching for other proposals, am very broken heart and i still love her so much. i tried my best to reconcile and did every possible ways to meet her and appologise many times but then she is not agreeing and her parents calls me and says we have taken a new decision so we dont want in a situation were i cant meet her or call. i really need your help on how to get her back as i really love her so much.. . JOE

Merry Meet Joe,
It is so unfortunate that your fiancee’s parents are not allowing you to marry. In some countries, parents really have so much power that they do not realize that the two young people in love are adults and can make decisions on their own. In this case, I am not sure why the parents suddenly changed their mind.
What you can do is to contact your fiancee through any means you can. She may be able to tell you what happened and why her parents are not happy with you. Every one makes mistakes and you can easily make them understand your position. If you cannot email or call her on the phone, get in touch with one of her friends or neighbors and ask her for one meeting somewhere in a public place. If you can get one of her friends to find out why she is not even responding to you, you may be able to speak up and clear your name.
However, if you don’t do anything , you may lose her. Be honest with yourself and explain to anyone in their family who would listen and is willing to help you and your fiancee. When they see that you are genuinely in love, they may not stand in the way. However, talking to her is the only way by which you can erase all of the misunderstandings and get her back to you.
Brightest Blessings

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