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I am a christian but i have always felt like i was meant to be a witch. My great grandmother was a witch as well as my grandmother but my mother did not want to continue the family tradition. Do you think i should begin to study witchcraft or continue living the way i was raised. (i just turned 16) Thanks a Million! Anne

Hi Anne,

Witchcraft is the tradition of honoring nature’s power by directing it towards our goals and desires in life. People following any religion can also be witches. Read Matthew 28:18. “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and earth”. Also look at New testament, Gospel of Mark 11:22

If you have good intentions and will never harm or hurt anyone, then you are a good human being. That is all that is required to be a witch.

There are many people who have combined witchcraft and Christianity. Look at these webpages to enlighten and guide you:

Being a magickal Christian is nothing new. With your amazing family history, you could learn so much more about your great grandmother and your grandmother and their lives along with some recipes and love spells ;). I am sure they have left some of their tools and pictures that you could use in your search for happiness.

Belief in miracles is evident in all religions. Miracles are another term for the magick that is performed by witches. Because of misunderstandings and wth work of some bad people, witches got a bad name in he middle ages when they were hunted down and killed or burned (can a good human being every do that?) for no reason other than suspicion.

So all we have to be are good human beings, always concerned about the well being of our fellow human beings, wherever they may live so that our world will survive and thrive. 

Concern for the world as a whole is the main idea of worshipping nature. As we can see, the wars and turmoil caused by different countries have put the world on the path of destruction. Also, rampant destruction of our environment by abusing its resources such as timber, oil, gas, water, electricity, etc are also taking a huge toll on our mother earth.

Some of the more aware people on the earth are inspiring us to move towards a nature nurturing environment such as the one that witchcraft upholds.

Real witches don’t have to buy anything or destroy anything to actually practice the craft. We use tree limbs, stones, leaves, flowers, herbs, etc to do our spells (which are actually prayers with visualization) and our rituals (again, following our natural instincts ).

So following the path of the Witchcraft as well as that of Christianity should not be conflicting if you are aware of their strengths and steadfastly remain on the righteous path.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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