Circles in tight spaces….

Dear Rose, First and foremost, a Huge Thank You to Ash for making this website possible! My question is this, since I live in a trailer and space is limited; my alter is in the corner, the most convenient place to put it. When casting a Circle of Protection the circle itself is imaginary anyway and the only thing for me to do is to visualize the circle extending beyond the outside wall of the trailer in order for it to be full circle. Is this not a good thing to be doing? Should I attempt to place it elsewhere and make it a temporary Sacred Space or continue as I am. Of course the Circle is barely behind the altar with the sea salt that I use for protection. Thank You, In Love and Light, Terry

Hello there Terry, I will pass on the thanks to Ash… and well, I am sure the response will be that you are more than welcome. As to your question, the short answer would be, “No, it should not be a problem at all to keep doing things the way you currently are doing them.” As you pointed out yourself, the circle is not a physical manifestation, and thus it is not limited by such tangible things like trailer walls. So long as you have no trouble visualizing it extending beyond the corporal limits of your vision then it will not matter about such obstacles. As to whether or not you need to move the altar to somewhere else due to the limited physical space of the location and the cramped quarters you are working in… well, that is really up to you. My best advice on the proper location for a sacred space is centered around finding somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at ease so that you can work more effectively. So, if being tucked into the corner of the trailer is okay with you… then it will no doubt be okay with the magic as well. However, if the space just does not feel right to you, or if it severely limits your ability to perform your rituals and get your work done… well, then it may be time to think about looking for an alternate location from which to work. Hope that helps….

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