Citrus Unblocking Bath

I am able to see and hear spirits from I was a child in the Caribbean. Whenever I am in a natural environment my sixth senses come alive. I am now 47 years old and presently live in London. I find that I am not able to pick up the energies here as I would do if I am in Africa or the Caribbean. I saw some medicine men in Africa, they blessed me but what they actually did was to turn the spirit of forsight in me upside down. Now where I would be able to see spirits or hear not able to, I usually get guidance through dreams or visions I may have, that too has now stopped. Any suggestions as to how I can rectify this. I appreciate any help or advice you can give. Thanks in advance. Blessed Love Nandi Palmer

Merry Meet Nandi Palmer, It is unfortunate indeed that you believe your powers have been tampered with. Unless you allow it, no one can take away your powers. Even if it has diminished for various reasons over the years, you can still get it back by cleansing your blockages away.Here is an unblocking spell that will help clear the blockages or accumulated negativity that is weighing you down. Citrus Unblocking Spell For this spell, you will need to collect several citrus fruits; the more sour the better. Grape fruit, Limes, Lemons, etc. would be just perfect for this spell. Get as many sour fruits as you can afford. Also get a bottle of orange blossom water or hydrosol. Take a knife along with these fruits to your bath. Cut the fruits and squeeze out all the juice into the bath tub. After you have squeezed out all the juice from the fruits, toss in the rinds too. Now add the bottle of orange hydrasol. Get into the prepared bath and cleanse yourself with the fruit and rinds. Visualize all of your blocks being removed by the powerful Citrus Juices. When you feel cleansed and energetic, allow yourself to air-dry. Your skin may feel sticky for a while. Leave this citrus coating on you for as long as you can (up to 5 hours) and then shower it all off. You will find yourself lighter and more powerful. With practice, you will get guidance through dreams and visions and have all the powers that you have worked very hard for. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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