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Hi Rose, I am a customer of yours (paid about $300 for your course) and I was receiving your correspondence at my old e-mail address, [email protected] – well, that e-mail is no longer current, the new one is [email protected] – I don’t get to check my mail but so often, as I don’t have internet access at home anymore. Unfortunately, I have lost all of our old correspondence, including one spell in particular that I would like to have again. I have searched your site for it, to no avail. I’m referring to the “Commanding Charisma” spell. I have a particularly tough nut to crack that I need to use it on, but the computer that all of your e-mail to me was saved on was stolen, and I had no backup of that, unfortunately. Could you please e-mail that spell in particular to me, and put my new address on your mailing list? Thank you in advance and blessed be, Michelle Harrison

Merry Meet Michelle,
Thank you for buying my course. I hope you find it very useful all your life. It is certainly very unfortunate that your email address changed and you cannot access your previous emails. Unfortunately, to renew your email, you have to go to the site again and add the new email address.
Here is the spell for you:
Before I give this spell to you, I want you to
promise me something:

Never use this spell to cause harm to another.

You must promise me you’ll use it to help others listen
to advice meant to help them… not hurt them.

Rose Ariadne’s Original “Commanding Charisma” Spell

STEP 1: Get a white candle and carve your name
into it.

STEP 2: Annoint it with your favorite annointing oil.

STEP 3: Decorate it with red, purple, and gold

STEP 4: Tie nine pieces of black thread around
the candle with knots. They should each be 1
inch apart along the candle.

STEP 5: Place the candle on your altar in a candle
holder, and light it.

STEP 6: Kneel in front of the candle and visualize
yourself as a commanding presence… visualize
people listening to your every word, and responding
to you in a positive way.

STEP 7: Say this 3 times:

“Commanding charisma I emote unto thee,
my words speak the truth, you’ll listen to me.”

STEP 8: As the candle burns, each of the 9 pieces
of black thread will break/burn… which will
pull down any obstacles preventing you from
being listened to…and obeyed.


Remember, this spell will only work if you
do it to help someone…

Never try it to do harm!.
Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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