Can you give me a spell to get rid of a mental block curse?

Good afternoon,
I think or I know it that I am under a very bad curse which causes mental blockades in me (although I am normal). Could you be so kind to send me one spell which would totally get rid of the curse and the negativity from me. This curse is working in my head and is blocking me / it is like the air in me could not flow easily.

Hi Jan
Do you have any idea what the source of the curse is? If it’s a person, you could use a binding spell to stop it, but a binding spell also binds you from something as well. Whatever you do will come back threefold, so always be careful, and know that whoever put this curse on you is suffering as well. You could have inadvertently cursed yourself, as well. If you were practicing some form of magick with the wrong–unhealthy–intention, it may have backfired. It would help to know what you mean by mental blockades. You find yourself unable to articulate like you used to? You have become dangerously forgetful? Blackouts? Migraines? I could help you better with more information, but here is a simple binding spell and some suggestions:
For the binding spell, write the name of the source of the curse–if you know it–on a piece of white paper and put it in an ice cube tray in the freezer. Freezing curses solid is the best way to stop them in their tracks. For protection, I’m going to suggest a white velvet bag with a minds’ eye drawn on it to wear around your neck. For overall personal protection, a purple bag is typically used, but you want to get your point across and white is better for deflecting. Also, fight mental confusion with herbs. St john’s wort and ginkgo biloba are both excellent for promoting mental clarity. If the curse is blocking your CHI, I highly recommend acupuncture. One last thought. Curses work because we BELIEVE they work.

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  1. Athelia says:

    I am curious about your statement, Ariadne, that Curses work because we believe they work. I am currently in conversation with numerous other people about a similar thing, and would welcome your views. In MY view, Energy simply is. It is a force that cannot be denied. Like electricity, it can be helpful or harmful. But not believing in electricity does not protect one from being zapped by it. IMHO, disbelief is not a shield that functions well or effectively. I do agree that knowing a Curse is there is the first step to removing it, turning it aside from its intended course, or even in transmuting the energy into something else.

    BUT! (Always has to be one, eh?) Denying energy can cause harm by not believing it can do so is not, IMHO, a way to stop it from causing harm.

    I am very interested to hear your views on this, and hope to learn from your words. Merry Meet again!

  2. Dawn says:

    Dear Rose,

    My sister thinks I have taken some of her personal possessions and if I don’t return them in 2 weeks, she has a friend who is a witch. This person will put a curse on me for everything. Even though I don’t have anything of my sisters. How do I block this curse from happening? How do I know that I have been cursed?
    Thank you.

  3. jan philip says:

    hi can u send me some spell in e-mail on friendster

  4. Katie says:

    Hello. I dont have a curse but I do have a mental shield that prevents me from seeing certain objects. this sounds crazy but i know vampires they talk to me all the tim. only problem. I cant see them. I have a shield that for some reason prevents me from seeing them. My friends say my shield is too strong. Do you know anyways to lower it?
    Thanks I know I sound crazy,

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