I need a spell for prosperity, and one to heal my cat!

Part of my problem (I’m certain) is the fact that I do believe and am proud to show my belief. I’m on Disability and don’t have much money, I barely make ends meet, my present landlord is tryiing to EVICT me, I pay my rent on time, I don’t bother anyone, I keep to myself, she’s attempting to raise my rent to a point where I can’t afford to live in my very small apartment and I don’t have anywhere to go and no one but you to help me. Also, my cat Frisky (Who I love more than life) I’ve noticed tumors all over her sweet, precious body) she’s more than a cat, she the best friend a person could ever have, she’s intelligent, caring, sweet, funny, she’s my best friend I’m afraid I’m going to loose her is I can’t get her to a vet soon. Can you cast a spell for me, giving me prosperity and saving my precious Friskys life? – Louise

Hi Louise- The first thing that strikes me about your predicament is that you pay your rent on time and don’t bother anyone. If that’s the case and you’ve signed a lease, you need a landlord tenant advocate, not magick. You also need a low income veterinarian for frisky. In the meantime, check out this link http://www.petmedicinechest.com/feline/discussions/tumortext.asp to get more info on Friskies’s tumors. When you go see the landlord/tenant advocates, which you should be able to get in contact with through your local community service center, wear a gold cloth pouch with a drawing of an open eye inside, this will help you feel confident and be able to articulate answers to questions.

The eye of justice is a powerful mojo for helping with legal matters.

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