I d like to know more about the history

I d like to know more about the history of wicca, and to know the relation between our psychic abilities (telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance etc.) and witchcraft These are topics that aren t usually discussed in the community. Can you enlighten me a bit?

First, you need to understand they are not identical. There are differences between psychic abilities and the practice of witchcraft. Magick and witchcraft involve manipulating natural energies with spells and rituals. Psychic ability is more expanding the resources of the body. Science has proven that psychic ability exists, but there is no scientific evidence to support that Magick exists.

There are hopes that the scientific community will make strides in the new millennium. That happened to help people accept psychic abilities. Psychic ability can usually give immediate results although there are times where the result is delayed. Psychic results are objective while magick is subjective. With witchcraft and magick, the intent is sent to the universe through spells and rituals. When we are successful, the results are manifest at a later time. It is very rare that a witch gets immediate results. Psychic ability, including: clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, telepathy, and mental dominance, are not considered to be involved with spiritual influences.

These abilities appear to originate within the individual. A third of magick and witchcraft practices do involve spiritual assistance. Being psychic does not make the person in tune with natural energies. We consider that the slow and often unrewarding learning process and the need to wait for spells/rituals to manifest which gives us a chance to learn about ourselves and our destinies. This process allows us to learn our place in the world and how this benefits us and others. If there is a psychic in your family, the practice of magick or witchcraft may come easier to you.

But, do not be disheartened, you do not have to be psychic to be a witch or magician. If a person does have psychic abilities, these can be enhanced by improving your abilities as a witch. This will help you become more in tune with the forces of nature which will increase your psychic abilities. One branch of magick will not help you develop your abilities any quicker than another. Your harmony with nature will be developed through all branches of magick. A particular magickal path will not help you progress quicker.

Therefore, pick the path that appeals to you and the rest will come to you in time.

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  1. Taenith says:

    It is very true that psychic gifts and Wiccan magick are not the same. However many psychics are attracted to Wicca because it encourages them to enhance their gifts and not be afraid of them due to supersticious ignorance.

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