Black Magic Rituals

“Black magic” is a term coined by invaders to ancient lands such as Africa. These violent tribes were ignorant of the beautiful and peaceful Pagan ways of life. To a culture that is always fighting others and finding ways to become heroes by hurting or killing humans and animals wantonly, everything looked suspicious.

Magick is as ancient as the world itself. Although most magic is helpful and beneficial, there are people in this world who abuse their powers and hurt innocents. Harm can be easily accomplished by anyone with or without the use of magic. The world was never without negative emotions such as greed, ignorance, hatred and control. However, those who followed the pagan way of life at least knew that negative magic could harm their way of life forever.

The term “Black” magic, as the colonial “conquerors” coined it, meant ignorant or evil magic. However, there are many spells that the conntryfolk used in Africa that use body part of animals, human body secretions, etc. that were not understood by the conquerors. Hence this negative image was given to all magick. Black is a color that represents life and rebirth and was revered in ancient Egypt, the cradle of civilization. Black was considered to be the anti-thesis of evil in many cultures and decorations with black paint/kohl/ash, etc. was believed to repel evil. However, ignorant people breed and this term has been around for many centuries.

Here are some rituals that were probably used in Africa:

Foot Track Magic was used internationally. Our footprints are considered sacred in most cultures. It is believed that Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, forbade people to pierce footprints with a nail of a knife since it would harm the people who owned those feet. One of the restrictions in footprint magic is that the entire footprint should be lifted off the Earth if the magic is to work against them

Foot Track Spell

This spell enhances good luck and fortune and will bring lucky, fortunate and benevolent people into your home.

Make a deep footprint in clay or other wet dirt. Gather the entire footprint into a terracotta or natural pot. When the mud has dried, add an equal amount of dried patchouli leaves. Blend them together well. Sprinkle the powder with freshly ground cinnamon.

Find the spot where the path to your home begins. If you have a gate, that could be it. This spot should be your property (or rental property). Holding the pot, walk towards your home, entrance and threshold sprinkling the powder all along the way.

Keep a Lover Sweat Spell

This spell incorporates hair and sweat to give power to their intentions. This spell is usually worked to keep a lover.

When your lover sleeps in your house, choose a garment that has been soaked with his sweat. Let the sweat dry into the fabric. When it is dry, find some of your fallen hair too and burn this along with the garment to ashes.

Make a love potion and sprinkle these ashes to it, a little at a time, to keep your beloved near.

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