How can I make this guy ask me out?

Hi Rose, Im 14 almost 15 and thers this supper hot guy that I like alot….Hes really sweet and weve been talking alot since school started…..Is ther a spell tht could make him like me to the point that he asks me out??

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful that you have found a guy who is interested in you. There are many love spells which will make or (let’s say “encourage”) him to make the first move towards you and ask you out. Here is one of them. However, I caution you not only look for super hot guys, but also the simple, hard working ones too. Most of the women who go after good looking guys usually find that they have too many distractions. Regardless of how attractive they are, others will also be attracted to them and you may find yourself alone after a while. So look at the personality and the way they behave with you rather than how good looking they are.

For this spell, you will need two slips of paper about the size of a fortune cookie, pins, glass containing water, orange flower water and sugar. Also needed is a large red candle.This candle has to burn for nine days.
Step 1: On the two pieces of paper, write your name on one and on the other piece of paper, write the name of the one you are attracted to.
Step 2: Place them together in the form of a cross so that your name is on top.
Step 3: Now place the two pieces of paper in the glass containing the water, orange flower water and sugar.
Step 4: Light the red candle and burn it in increments so that it will last nine days.
Step 5: At the end of nine days, gather the candle and the wax and place it in a satin bag beside your bed.

Brightest Blessings

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  1. anonymous says:

    does the candle have to bur 9 days and nights or only 9 days ?(like one every morning?) and what is orange flower water?

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