Crown of Success Spell

hi i would like to know if bad really exist? i am going for an interview on Wednesday. i really need the job, can you assist me in getting the job? please?

Merry Meet Seeker,
Here is a job spell that will safely enable you to get a job that you will enjoy. For this spell, you will need the following items: A candle to represent you, Crown of success oil and images (photos or cut outs from magazines are fine) that you wish to see at the work site. It is best that you think positive thoughts and actively remove all negative thoughts that may try to get in. Only when you keep your mind and spirit hopeful will good things happen in your life.
Crown of Sucess spell
Step 1: As the candle represents you, your first goal is to carve identifying information such as type of job you want, personality of the supervisor, co-workers who will be your confidants, an office room with its decorations and a good commute too.
Step 2: Carve your name, and any other specifications you may have for this job.
Step 3: Hold the candle with both hands and dress it with the Crown of Success Oil.
Step 4: Mumur your wishes to the candle and charge it with your desire.
Step 5: Arrange the items that have some connection to your work around the candle and visualize everything happening the way you wish it to be.
Step 6: Burn the candle and sit in meditation. Clear your mind and allow good thoughts to come in.
Brightest Blessings

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2 Responses to “Crown of Success Spell”

  1. lauralee cawalla says:

    Dear Rose, ive been dabbling in witchcraft for my whole life but recently i purchased your mastering the majic of witchcraft kit. Ive noticed that my spells have worked very well but in unexpected ways. My sister recently also has been dabbling in it. She cast a love spell that put my husband under her charms accidentally( i hope )so i had to bind her powers. She is another unhappily married woman whose looking for love in all the wrong places. The person she was trying to put a love spell on wants nothing to do with her now & ive advised her to close one door before she opens a new one. I know that binding people is wrong especially my sis but what can i do to keep this from ever happening again. Also in the past she has tried to hook up with my previous partners and succeeded. I always forgave her & kicked them to the curb. But this is my husband…

  2. Nala says:

    I’m obviously not Rose, but I’ve been a practitioner for 22 years and I just wanted to tell you that I think you did the right thing by binding her. Bindings are sometimes necessary when the person is using magick to do something harmful to someone else, which she was. It was harmful to you and to your relationship with your husband. As your sister she should have more respect for you than to interfere with your marriage.

    To be perfectly honest, you should just sit her down and tell her that it is NOT, under any circumstances, acceptable to interfere with your husband and your marriage. She got away with it in the past because you forgave her and kicked the guy to the curb, but let her know that this time it’s different. It is a committed relationship, you obviously love the man or you wouldn’t have married him, and she should focus her energy on finding the right man for her and leave your husband alone. You’re better off making your feelings to her clear by talking to her about it than to cast spells to try to block whatever she is doing.

    Best of luck to you. :o)

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