Are our spiritual powers permanent?

Respected mam, da most interesting part is i got no knowledge about wiccan Theories b4 i read dis site dis but i have succesfully channelised my energy in few occasions (like i predicted my exam question papers,correctly as if i hav printed it,some times i contacted my best friend over air when she was sad,etc) although dis is not regular i mean it comes 2 me all of a sudden and dat 2 when i am not willing 2 do do anything but when I try my best 2 recall my power it nevr turns up. My QUESTION is :”Is it a matter of coincidence da situations I described u above or its natural 2 me by Birth,if it is so Y not I could recall it when I require??”. Thanking you Ranajoy,INDIA

Brightest Blessings Ranajoy,
It is wonderful to hear from you that you have succeeded in using your natural powers at many occasions. Yes, it is very natural to channel your energy and focus it on your goal. This energy is always there in us. However, the rest of the world and all of its negativity can block our natural energy. To maintain our energy or to increase it, there are many things we can do:
1. Stay away from negative people who are always complaining about something or another
2. As a rule, we should also try very hard to be positive at all times. Even when we experiences something in life that may be considered as negative, try hard to focus on what joy can come into your life because of it. For example, If we lost some money, imagine it being the Universe’s way of helping someone else. So long as you bless the person who gets your money and enjoyes it, your mind will be clear of all negativity and can focus on your internal energy even more.
3. Everyday, do a good deed. Look for opportunities where you can help others. The gratitude and joy of others that has been caused by your actions will enable you to become more powerful spiritually.
4. Always speak well of others. If you do not like someone, make an attempt to get to know them. Or at the least, try not to think about them in a negative way.
5. Generously donate for all causes. Remember that in the world there is always discord, war, devastation, illness, famine, etc. Being aware of what is goind around the world and not saysin “God Bless “my country””, visulaize the happiness of the ENTIRE WORLD.
6. Meditate daily to increase your powers of concentration, visualization and intentions.
Brightest Blessings Ranajoy

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  1. EVAN says:

    yes i have encounter negative people not only in our place but in our house .my father is a very negative person. he think negative thoughts especially if we have a small business he thinks we will not succeed in our business

  2. keith says:

    all the people around me at home are negative…they had lost hope and faith in god as well as thier trust in sad,so true…

  3. I just want to talk to you with some thing confidential.

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