Finding Wicca Stores

How You Can Find Wicca Stores

The Wiccan Glade has a pleasant, easy to navigate website full of supplies for all witches no matter their path. Their search function and email list sign up are easily and efficiently set up on their main page, though you may not need the search as the side bar is full of information.

Each link on the well-stocked sidebar leads to a page that contains a blurb on the item in question. For example, the link on bath salts, besides letting you buy several combinations with different ritual implications, explains ritual baths and the benefits they may confer. The shop owners say their mission is to provide high quality products delivered with a good dose of education. Don’t fear, though; these lessons go down sweetly!

The Wiccan Way also has an attractive layout, but there is quite a bit of information crammed into one site. The Webmaster has obviously put thought into keeping the site from feeling too cluttered, though, and links that include pictures are nice touches throughout. These links also make it easy to find sale items and what’s new. The Wiccan Way includes things other than items, as well. It includes e-books and articles on Pagan and Wiccan issues, such as dealing with the Fey and celebrating Samhain. Soon you will be able to browse by intent, which is sure to be exciting feature.

WitchStore.Net markets itself as the original witch store. Weather or not this is true is open to interpretation, but this store does offer at least as much as the Wiccan Glade. They also offer some items that the other stores don’t, such as Feng Shui related things and items for the practice of the Left Hand Path. They have writing implements as well, which can be wonderful choices for inscribing Books of Shadows in a properly worshipful manner.

If you would rather go to a physical store than order over the Internet, I recommend Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle, Washington. They are open seven days a week. Lupa, the author of several books on Otherkin and Wicca, is a frequent fixture.

Tenzing Momo at the Pike Place Market is another great store that has both a physical and an online presence. The physical store is well organized and is home to quite a number of magical supplies, including an entire range of essential oils. (Twilight Alchemy Lab is another store, online, with a wonderful array of essential oils specifically for use in ritual. Each is infused with power during the blending, making for a peerless magical tool) They offer incense, candles, and books, complete with a case of rare books. Tarot readings are also available.

Search for magical stores in your area and check them out. See if the energy inside each is in keeping with your own magical goals, and then go from there. Some stores may not have everything you want. Also be as sure as possible of the quality of the goods you are purchasing, especially when you are ordering over the Internet. Remember that these items will be on your altar or otherwise accompanying you into sacred space, so be picky!

To get the full wiccan stores article you’ll need to download it here.

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