How can I change my fiance?

Hi, I recently got engaged & the biggest problem of my finacee is that he is very impatient & gets angry very soon & shouts badly then. i cant stand loud voices & repeatedly after telling him so..there is no avail.also he manipulates what i said to prove himself right & sometimes lies also. How to change his behaviour?

Merry Meet Seeker, I am happy to hear that you are engaged. A good relationship can do wonders for our life. It offers us friend forever, romance that keeps like exciting and a companion to share your experiences! That is what most people expect from a relationship. From what you have written, I see that your fiance is very impatient, gets angry soon and is abusive to you. He also obviously tries to manipulate you and prove himself right. I am not sure what went wrong there or if he was always like this and you just did not notice it. Engagement is a time when we really learn more about this person who is supposed to stand by you for the rest of your life. We need guys in our life to hold our hands, care for us, create children with us and help take care of the children in addition to supporting the family financially and emotionally. In this case, I see that you don’t think that he is able to do what you expect of him. Why not sit down and talk to him about these feelings? You may also have someone in your family, such as an elderly relative sit with you both to explain why he behaves this way soon after the engagement. Is there anything you have done or said that triggered this change in behavior? Does he take drugs or has any other addiction? Find out more about him and why your relationship went downhill. One thing I can say is that you will never be able to change him. We can change his behavior for a while, even if he is willing to change and knows that he needs to, there may be a time when he reverts to his old way of thinking. If you are not at fault in any way, this may be a time to re-think your relationship. Is it worth it? Will he make a good husband and father? How will he help rais your children if he doesn’t control himself? How will he behave with his co-workers? His family? Your family, etc? There are so many questions that you need answers for. Consider this relationship carefully and decide if you want to live with him forever. Brightest Blessings Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Martita says:

    Many things are wrong in here first live has change couples now are different from the pass women are strong like the men and they are partness and both contributten in the same way men work inside and outside the house as well as the woman, In here the situation could be that she wanted to manipulate the fiance and how he is weak he defense himself acting that way she must understand that people are what they are and is not our mission to change it if not accepted how they are.

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