A free spell for kids

can you make a spell free for kids

Merry Meet Seeker, Here is a free spell that kids can do too. This spell will make you happier and you will enjoy life even more. You will be making a charm that can will bring prosperity to your home. Get a large piece of paper and some cardboard. Also get some red and gold paint and a black pen. Choose which animal you wish to paint: a chinese dragon or a frog. Both animals are considered good luck charms. You also need some glue, a small cord and a punch to make a hole in the cardboard (maybe your parents can help you with that task) On the large piece of paper, use the black pen to draw the outline of the dragon. If you don’t know how to, google images for “chinese dragon” and you will see golden colored beautiful kind dragons who make your wishes come true. Chinese dragons are not like the imaginary ones in Western movies which hurt people. Chinese dragons love people and are believed to be very spiritual animals. If you do not wish to draw a dragon or cannot draw one, then try to draw a frog. There are many types of frogs in the world and they come in many colors. You can also try to google frogs to get some ideas When you have drawn the outline of the dragon on frog, cut the shape out and fill in the details of the body. Use bright paints, sequins, buttons, glitter, etc to make the animal really pretty and colourful. While you make the animal colorful, think of the ways in which it can make you and your family happy. Use some glue to stick the cardboard behind the cutout to make it sturdy. Now punch a hole on the top and tie it up somewhere in the corner of a room where the sunlight will hit it every day. There, you have worked a spell! Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. anxhelo says:

    hi rose the love spell you send to me it really worked and helped me to find love,but i have another problem i just realised that i hae the power of telekinisis but my power is not full ican move things with my mind but not so far just a little can you help me to make this power stronger and use it for the great of good?
    thank you Anxhelo

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