Can I get my ex-boyfriend back?

My b/friend (seperated) loved me, then his wife cursed me. Everything gone bad. Lost him back to her. She went to Vietnam and put 3 curses on me. I have had alot of bad luck since she found out about me. She is an Indian lady who was not faithful to her husband. Can I get him back? Can I remove the curse.

Merry Meet Seeker, In Wicca, we have a rule – whatever you do will be returned three times larger. So if we give love to someone we get three times as much love. However, giving love means that we have a relationship with a person who his not in love with someone else. In life, good actions bring good returns. however, actions that were made in haste, without worrying about the details may end up with the giver getting a lot of pain. This happens when we take away love from someone. If your ex-boyfriend was married, getting involved with him was not a good idea. As most people who practice Witchcraft knows, every action should be weighed and considered carefully to avoid terrible returns. As the man whom you loved has a wife, you hurt their marriage and their relationship. Now that they are together, his wife doesn’t have to do anything because the Universe will take care of it. The pain you feel now is the result of your decisions earlier. A marriage is a sacred relationship that is a bond made by two people in love. If another human being breaks it, they will hear from the Universe. If his wife has put three curses on you as you believe, she will soon hear from the Universe too. All you need to do is to take care of yourself and learn not to interfere in any marriages if you wish to have good luck and prosperity in your life. Even yearning for a married man may hurt you eventually. So try to stay away from this person, especially if you truly love him. Let him have his happiness and choose his future. If he is your soul mate, he will let go of the marriage and come to you. However, you should not initiate anything and just go about your life without ever contacting him. Hope this helps bring happiness in your life. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Aki says:

    hi HELP ME he is no longer showed up
    i have got his email from my yahoo. we have met in cyber i saw him deeply in love with him 1st sight.
    Whole 4weeks later i wondered why didn’t he turned up online for me?
    we chatting so along very well. We have fun tlking abt TRUTH AND DARE. he keep asking me
    to keep going. He is sooooooo sweet. i didn;’t say very much. he keeps stare in my face in front
    cam. When i try close this cam. He said ‘ NO’. WHY? PLS PUT THIS CAM BACK.. and he say he
    want see me more. Now no longer he isn’t online. i always obsession with him 1st time we met in cam.
    i dk what went wrong! He is from Belgium and i’m in Australia. Maybe all i think abt he had girls in his
    yahoo, others sort of differents instant messaging. ITS HURT ME SO MUCH. it feel liking hammer of
    cracking the rock. ……… HOW CAN I LURING HIM BACK? all i wanted is for him remain with
    me to tied stick together forever in the future, never torn apart again. i’m not gonna dump him and leaving him too.
    and forget him….i ‘m not doing that. I can’t help watching him along on video, over and over.
    Pls i wnt begging u to help me to get him back online, keep avoiding any heaps of girls, also his family’s friends,
    his school , neighbour, whatever more. I really can’t get out of my head. His name is Niels williem he is an soccer
    boy. I got his one photo, also video as well. he live in Herk-De-Stad his hometown in Belgium.
    Pls answer this real spelling cast him to bring back online for me? thx

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