How can I attract the one I love?

hi. i am sbscribed to your newsletters on the little its of magik that you share with us, and i just want to say i enjoy them greatly. But also, as i am aware of some very basic rules of wicca and spell casting, i also know that you cannot cast a spell to make someone do your will, or “make” them love you. Thats not what i am asking you. I am in love with my ex-boyfriend of 5 months, and i am unable to get over him. without revealing my age on the internet, i can say that he was my first boyfriend, and also my first love. We are still sound enough freinds but the way my heart goes crazy whenever he comes near is more than enough to tell me im not ok with “just friends”. I really have tried to move on, I have had more boyfriends, but none have lasted more than a week, because as i see, “him” again, my pretence is ruined. When we were going out, ex was kiinda on the way to being one of those cool kids, nd since we broke up, his status has escalated, but i know for a fact that most of his friends hate him, and make fun of him behind his back, never the less, “he” thinks he oh-so cool and popular. Now recently I have had more than one person tell me that they think that my ex still likes me, but is too cool, or proud to ever admitt it again. What i am asking you to help me with, is to give me a spell that maybe helps ihm embrace his true feelings, or to open his eyes against the glare of peer pressure. Failing that, can you please supply me with a spell to get over a broken heart. Which ever way you decide to help me, i cant be stuck on him any longer without any reciprication of my feelings. Please do help me. p.s any spell that you give me, can you please try to make it very basic, my mam doesnt know i have taken an intrest in wicca and would start askin questions if i started bringing too many odd things home lol :)) Help on this matter, even friendly advice would be much appreciated, Yours sincerely , Roisin xxx

Merry Meet Roisin, I am sure it is very frustrating to not know whether your relationship will work out or not. If you can talk to a mutual friend who is trustworthy, then you may be able to send him a letter asking him if you can get together. However, if there is no such intermediary, then you have to resort to doing the following spell: Love Candle Spell Normally, it is not wise to work on a spell that brings two people together by force. However, in your case, you did get a message through a friend that he is still interested in you. So you may be able to work on this spell without fear or retaliation. You will need two candles, one to represent you and one to represent your friend. You may choose the color of the candles according to the favorite colors for each of you. With a dull knife, carve the name of your boyfriend on the candle that represents him. Also carve your name on your candle. Dress the candle that represents you with “Magnet Oil” and “Come to Me Lover oil” and light it. It will remain in the same place throughout the spell. Dress the other candle with olive oil and sprinkle magnetic sand over it. Burn his candle at a distance from yours and periodically place it closer to your candle. Sprinkle it with magnetic sand after you move it. Sit down by the candles and watching the flames, visualize the joy you both will feel when you get together in love. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. preeyah says:

    hi i knew my boyfriend for the last 3 and half month everything was going well. he was out of the country. when came back he didnt even gave me a call back then the next day he send me a message told me we have to have a chat. i was surprise i rang him bak he told me that things not going well betwen us. then he came to my house for a chat then he told me he is no more attracted by me and he dont want a relationship he want to be single. that really hurts me . when 2 weeks before he gave me a bunches of red roses. when he left my house he tears in his eyes and told me he will think other and will let me know. do you think he will come back to me. then he sendme a message last night to tell me he want to talk with me again but not tonight.what should i do .

  2. eurolook says:

    Hi i am in love with a girl before three months every thing was good between us but now she do not call me and she is not in touch with me i don`t know what`s wrong can i get her back because i can not live without her.

  3. markquion jacobs-bey says:

    Hi thnx very much 4 ur help

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