How can I get rid of negative energy in my home?

Hi Rose, First, thanks for this special website, you’ve worked hard for please all of us and you deserve all ours deepest thanks. My question for you is, is there a way that, behalf of making happy home spells that I could use, to make myself more effective in my others spells I’ll do, because I do have negative energy in my home, in fact, this is my nephew living with us, he’s really negative and I did try my best to make it change, but I think that’s taking all my energy in my witchcraft, my nephew did some witchcraft on his own, but it wasn’t only the white one. My husband like what my nephew does, is interested in it, but doesn’t practiced it, except when he was younger, before he knew me, he use to be in the black one, I feel that could affect me greatly in my witchcraft, like weakening me…he is living with us since 7 years from now, let me know what you think, dear Rose.

Merry Meet. It is really troublesome when people in our own house begins to move towards the dark side. You have mentioned that before you met your husband, he was also dealing in black magic. As a good person, the Universe will only give you benevolent results. First talk to your husband if you can and remind him that only harm can come out of his interests if he moves towards black magic. You have to be firm in your words and make sure that he understands how serious you are about this. Also talk to him about allowing your nephew to move into a house of his own. He has been living with you for seven years, so it’s time for him to move out. You can even help him get a house of his own and decorate it for him, Now you need to cleanse the energy in your own home and also do spells to keep it that way. I am sure you know a lot of spells, and you may try this one too: STEP 1. While sewing, collect all the bits of thread and toss them into a jar saying “Bless this jar, Protect all within from harm and hardship” STEP 2. When the jar becomes full, use a bay laurel leaf or angelica root, bethroot or wormwood on top to seal the blessings within. STEP 3. Close the jar tightly and store it near the top of the house. You may also store it in the attic or hang it from the rafters. This will keep your home safe and clean. You may also periodically sprinkle salt water in the corners of the house and also burn incense as usual in all the suspicious corners. Hope your house goes back to be the peaceful, joyful place it was before your nephew came to live with you. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Cecilia Torres says:


    My name is Cecilia I have experienced several paranormal activity in my house. I hear voices of a little girl outside of my house in the second floor. I have also felt presence of a person in my room and does not let me sleep, my daughther for example one night we were watching tv and she came out of her room in a fast paced and I asked her were she was going and she said that the WARD told her to open the door, and she says that she hears voices and they don’t let her sleep, we heard one night around 3am a voice saying in spanish “AY MIS HIJOS” which means were are my children. I feel that what ever is in my home is making his presence stronger and moves things, throws things and my daughthers behavior since all this has begone has gotten worse and does not want to sleep in her room one night she said that she has dreams that are persons telling her to go down stairs and tell her to open the door, one time she told me that two kids ELVIS and BERNABE tell her that they died in a car accident by my house and that they would like for her to go with them so that they could show her where they died they wake her up and don’t let her sleep. A while back i found a amulet in one of my purses and it said that it was a “DEVILS CHARM” supposively it said inside that it was to protect who ever carried this, i don’t recalll and am very sure that i don’t remember anybody giving it to me. Please help me as i’m getting very concerned and scared of what ever is after my daughther. I appreciate your help.

  2. Drew Pearson says:

    Is there any spell to make you sound like your favorite singer? If there isnt, is there a spell that lets me put my soul in someones body and put there soul in mine?

    God Bless

  3. Tanya says:

    I have been trying to contact my spirit guide(s) for several years now. I have had some success however, I have a hard time meditating & imaging or visualizing what I’m supposed to or what’s suggested to me. I can’t seem to keep a vision for very long. I’ve been told when I was 16 by another physic that I have strong abilities myself but it hasn’t been until recent years that I’ve wanted to study and make that connection. I’ve even been given a set of gem stone tarot cards for free (from an online site and ironically about 100 people asked for them as well but I was the name picked!) so I was meant to have them however, except for looking at them and skimming the guide, I haven’t done much with them as I feel when the time is right something will let me know…is that right?
    As for what happens with me… all my life but mostly lately…I have had dreams come true, I have many deja vu’s, I will think things in my head and within 24hrs they will happen (for example, I knew John Travolta & his wife Kelly where going to get pregnant again & the next day it was premiered on TV), When I close my eyes at night (it sometimes just happens or I try and make it happen, and sometimes it’s doesn’t) but I see split second images of faces but only a glimpse…some I remember but most I don’t and I don’t’ know any of these people.
    I’ve also recently had several people who have been very close to me pass on over the past several years and I try so hard to have some kind of contact with them or see their faces like I do the others but don’t however…I’m pretty sure I do hear them & have short conversations with maybe 2 of them and I’m hoping it’s not just me making up the conversation in my head??
    I need a guide, someone to help me get to where I want to be and learn how to use this gift that is in everyone but I know is in me…oh and my Grandmother was born with a veil of skin over her face when she was born…she always told me it was because she was supposed to be a nun (as I come from a very catholic family). When I found out recently that it really meant that she was supposed to have strong physic abilities or clairvoyance, I called her to ask her about it and if she knew what it really meant and indeed had many experiences to which she told me she strictly disregarded them as it was against her faith which was a huge part of her life and the way they lived. Ironically, when my Papa passed on several years back, after several months of living with my aunt elsewhere, the first night she was back at their home, he came to her at 4am and appeared at the end of her bed to say he was ok and that they lived their life right!!! Cool Hey!
    This intrigued me as I know it can skip a generation and that’s me…my mom has also always been very instinctive about things,
    However, my main issue now is that even though each time I meditate and try to reach my spirit guide ect…I always do a protection prayer to fill my house as well as myself with the protective power of the Lords & physic white light to prevent any negative or unwanted spirits or entities to be able to enter and that only positive & good spirits may be allowed to enter and speak with me or just be around me. But recently, instead of the usual glimpses of apparitions or shadows I see, I’ve also seen or envisioned negative things and recently got some information from another clairvoyant from online that I needed to be aware of a negative spirit causing problems for me &/or someone close to me which was causing me/us bad luck (which is true) just yesterday. Now, I don’t know if this is do to the power of suggestion (as right after reading this info, I again said another protection prayer in my head) however, today while trying to meditate & listening to the John Edwards CDs (which usually put me to sleep I get so relaxed)…all of a sudden I was dreaming but it was real, like really real and vividly remembered even now…this is the just of it or how I saw it…I was laying in my selected chair with a throw blanket over me where I go to meditate & listen to my tapes and all of a sudden a Whoosh of cold air came over me…almost through me and my blanket ruffled as if a breeze flew under my blanket between me and it….(still in dream mode)…I ran to my Boyfriend who was asleep in our bedroom, woke him up and told him about what had just happened and that I needed to tell him that this negative energy is what has been having a strong effect on him when, his blanket looked like something was moving from underneath toward his face (in my head I though it was the entity attacking him) but next, our cat jumped out from under his sheet as the blanket ruffle right up close to his face & bit him on the face & took off like a bat outta hell! as if she was spooked (in my mind I knew this was this negative presence) so I then explained to him that it wasn’t the cat’s fault. This was all in a dream just as clear as it was happening down to every detail in my house, nothing was different ect…and then this is when I woke up from my chair feeling cold and with goose bumps all over me…I believe in this stuff but need guidance please.
    After this I am now convinced that this presence is here especially since there has been such an impact on my boyfriend over the past few months…it’s been like he’s not him self…he’s been having horrible nightmares, moods swings, depression, showing unusual anger towards me, fatigue, being anxious and all around a different person. Through my research I know that these are all side effects of a negative presence and now want it out.
    I do have white sage to burn and a book a friend lent me on performing cleansing ceremonies however, everything I’ve read said that burning the white sage had to be on a sea shell or could be burnt in anything else but needed to be on top of sand…is this correct because the sooner I do this the better as I am concerned for my boyfriend…I can handle it…I that I am strong enough to stand my ground and have made contact with a spirit guide “Lizz Beth” whom I found out in Feb. is actually the name of my own mother in a past live and have the hand drawn picture that was done for her by a clairvoyant last year which I didn’t even know about until Feb. to prove it. I know she, amoung others look out for me but fear my man is left at risk as he has had some struggles lately along with depression and feel he’s been as easy target and that if there even may have been 1 time I forgot to do a protection prayer before meditating, that I could be the reason it’s here so it’s my responsibility to get rid of it.
    Is there any advice or anything you can help me out with. And also, I am looking for a mentor should that be something you are interested in as I am very interesting as well.
    Thank you for your time.
    Tanya Firth

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