How can I remove a curse on the family?

Hi I have an aunt who is a wicken or she practices wicca, and about 6 years ago she became angry with us! Well one night about 6 years ago my mom was on the computer and a jokers hand appered on the screen she tried everything to get rid of it, it was on the screen for 15 mins she finally had to unplug the computer to get rid of it. Ever since then our lives have been different. My grandfather died our house burned down two times, car accidents, my mom almost dying and is gravely ill which came on suddenly, health issues with the whole family, pets dying, money issues,forclosures, no jobs, and the list goes on and on our whole has just been turned upside down and its nothing but bad things that keep happening to us and were good people. I just don’t understand. So I’m asking you if it is possible that my aunt sent that jokers hand throught the computer and put a curse on our family??? If so please help us and tell me how to fix it or get rid of it. Were finally at the end of our ropes with no end in sight. Please help us!!!! Crystal Gregory

Merry Meet Crystal. The first thing you will need to do is to remove the curse on your family (if there is any). If your aunt has put the curse on you, she may be suffering too. So it is best if you and your family treat her with courtesy and love just as any other member of your family. Only with love can we conquer fear. To get rid of this curse, try this ancient Romany ritual. Romany people considered mountains to be lucky and sacred. Other powerful places are near the ocean or lake, in the woods full of friendly tree spirits, etc. Find a sacred spot near your home where everyone can gather for a picnic. Outdoors is best because the Earth’s spiritual and magical powers are magnified and accessible there without any negativity or contamination. One person has to be chosen to be the leader. Take the following items with you: 1 container of milk One piece of meat for each member of the family who is considered “cursed” Items to make a small fire (make sure that the woods are not too dry. we don’t want to start a forest fire) Small bags with ties. After a picnic, choose the spot where you would like to kindle a small fire. The leader of the family approaches the spot first. S/he pours the milk on the spot offering it as a libation (gift) for the spirits who will help remove the curse on your family. Bury the meat in seperate pits around the spot. Pray, petition and visualize the desired outcome. Chant, dance and sing if you feel like it. Now kindle the small fire. Make sure it is contained by wetting a larger circle around it. Each person in the family now spits three times into the fire after visualizing the curse being lifted and joy and good fortune returning to their lives. Let the fire die out. Make sure it is completely out before you leave the area. Collect the ashes in the small bags for each person who is now free from the curse. Keep the ashes as a protective amulet. Hope this helps bring joy and hope to your home. Remember, dwelling on negative outcomes brings bad luck. So always keep up hope and remember that curses can be destroyed. Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. maya says:

    dear rose.
    how do you become a witch?

  2. Russ says:

    Hi Rose, Merry meet.
    More than a few people in my small town call me “Rescue Russ” because I’m known to do remarkable things in an emergency. Your 7 Day Mini-Course, the interviews you send, the newsletter, the spells you include in your emails, have all helped me in this regard. Families have been fed and housed because of what you share freely. I may be Rescue Russ, but you are Remarkable Rose.
    With all my love and gratitude

  3. marie says:

    hi, i believe that my family is cursed, for as long as i can remember we’ve all had bad luck, alot of it, mostly is just small things but now my granny and aunt are severely ill and i really want for it to be gone. my granny cant even walk any more and i really want to do something to help her, i seen what u said about a different family but i cant do that one as she is so ill, please can you help me with a spell that i can do on my own to help my family, its gone on for over twenty years and i dont want my 6 year old daughter to go though everything that i’ve been though, she deserves better, i understand that spell won’t fix everything but i need to try fix it as soon as possible as i cant stand the pain that we keep going though please help

  4. is it possible to have a cures on youre family and not know were it came from i think i have one how do you get rid of somthing like that?

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