How can I attract prosperity and joy into my life?

I am older and unable to work anymore and am having a hard time making ends meet on my social security. I know there is no get rich thing and that is not what I am asking. I just want to be able to get by with what I have and have a little peace of mind for me and my pup. I have tried everything I can think of and I just need a little luck or something. Blessed Be PJ

Merry Meet PJ. It is very good that you were able to come to this site and write to us. It must be terribly hard to not be able to work anymore. Here is a good luck spell that will make life easier for you. Mankind has always known that beans are magickal. Fairy tales are full of stories where people trade their fortunes for a handful of beans. However, beans proves to be the lucky choice. Beans are believed to brign good luck, prosperity and “ladder” to heaven. Let us work on a spell which will combine the benfits and good fortune of many types of beans. 1 red kidney bean 1 garbanzo bean 1 black eyed pea 1 black bean 1 white kidney bean 1 Cranberry bean 1 whole lentil bean (any type) 1 pinto bean 1 dried pea if you cannot find the exact beans specified above, just get nine different types of beans. Get a white or red handkerchief or bandanna. After a nice, long bath, sit down and light a small candle. Place the beans in front of you. Spread the handkerchief in front of you. Take one bean at a time and hold it in your hand. Close your eyes and chant: You are my fortune You bring me good luck! Place the bean on the handkerchief. Now take the next bean and continue chanting, holding the bean and chanting while visualizing prosperity coming into your life as joy, love, health and wealth. When you have completed adding the ninth bean to the handkerchief, tie up all the corners and make it into a small bundle. Hold the bundle in your hands and keep chanting the above nine times. Sit in meditaion until the candle burns out. Carry this bundle with you if you can. Otherwise, leave it under your pillow or bed to attract wealth, health, happiness and love into your life. Blessed Be.

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  1. rahul says:

    hello this is rahul from india

    i m very weak from financial sides these days

    and ithink i m the unluckiest person

    can any one atell me the remedies to ma mail id please

    [email protected]

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