Is magick real?

Rose I need help…I’m having troubles believing in magick anymore! I used to believe..but my spells just stopped working and now I’m left wondering if the other times it was just coincidence. I just don’t know if magick is real anymore….Do you have any advice at all? Thank you :) God bless you, Samantha

Merry Meet Samantha, I am so glad to know that you had good experiences with magick before. It is okay to sometimes worry about whether we believe in it or not. The important thing is to wake up knowing that you are capable of creating your dreams. Like wishing on a birthday candle, you can clearly visualize your dreams and make them come true. As you already know, our conviction strengthens our visualization and pushes our intentions into the magickal space with more energy. One thing I do when I don’t feel “energized” or “magickal” is to read something spiritual. That is why I always ask people who are interested in working spells to first take a nice long, aromatic herbal bath. It removes most of the negativity from our mind and allows us to think calmly. Also, reading a chapter from a spiritual book like “Conversations with God” or “A new Earth” will make us think of all the possibilities that exist on this Earth for our benefit. As you meditate of the possibilities, your conviction returns and your mind is full of radiant, positive energy. This is what will help you in your magickal workings. When you are ready to do your spells, first build a shield of protective energy around you. This is just to help keep you safe from negative thoughts that others send to you or those that originate from your own restless mind. Some of the religions try to take away our powers by teaching us that an unseen power is controlling us, judging us, etc. When our mind is free of such untruths, we become aware of the possibilities that we as human beings are capable of. So please spend some time everyday meditating, reading spiritual books, listening to relaxing music and bathing in herbal waters or swimming in a lake. These cleanse our mind and enlighten our spirit. Hope this helps heal your worries. In Love and Light Blessed Be.

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  1. Jack says:

    Hey Rose
    I have no experience in any of this so please forgive me if I miss any formalities.
    I’m 17 and really full of doubt. I want to believe everything you say because it’s all so amazing. Is there anything you could say before I buy the course (which I intend to) that could make me and others believe without question?
    Thank you.

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